Ah. Month of training wasted.

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And about 40 mill too.
I love failed get rich quick schemes.
Remember tobovoni from my last blog. No don’t worry he’s not dead or anything, I just can’t be arsed using him. He’s been sitting around idly for about a month, I’ve had countless chances to move him to 0.0 but to be honest I can’t be arsed with the effort. And now that the new school year has started, I won’t really have time to do it. So that’s a month of training tobovoni wasted.

I’ll continue to do my part for the corps PI but at a severely stemmed rate of doing 23 hour cycles instead of 5 hour ones.

So that means that my billion a month is down the shitter, but let’s look on the bright side eh? I have a character that’s more than capable of ratting a billion a month with a little effort. Or I could run missions, but that does piss off the empire factions. Or I could be stupider than I was when I thought I could make a billion a month, I could send a character back to trading!

And that option is very tempting, I’m in a trading mood at the moment and I’ve worked out why my trade with moon minerals wasn’t working.
But I have to call upon the great bloggers and writers if eve to create a guide to trading that is worth while and free. I’m tired of reading the same one that starts with some guy talking to a woman. I’m sick of hearing about the eve billionaire book. I’m pissed off when my corpmate tells me he makes his money station trading. Give the noobs and us people who’ve been playing for nearly a year but make bad financial choices and skill choices a definitive, comprehensive guide to trading in all it’s common forms. And before you tell me no wise trader ever gives away his secrets, and people like me make them rich, fuck you. I’m irate every time I see my wallet crash when I buy a battleship, or a HAC.

Over the past weeks since I last blogged, nothing much has happened. I’ve still not managed to get into a PVP gang. But the PVE has been pretty nice. The other day we killed an officer. We got a nice bit of loot, I got a 60 mill cut from this and for the first time ever. I now have over 500 million ISK in my wallet! BOOYAH. Now watch me lose it in poker or somin. I’ll get to that later.
Then the other day I got a true sansha cruiser. That was far less lucrative, but it did give us a nice TS stasis web and a phantasm BPC. I’m waiting for that to be built and sold but the overall profits for the entire kill should be about 60 mill. Then add another 10 mill for a TS EM armour hardener u got and sold today to the same fool who has been trying to sell a station egg.

Like I was saying. Poker. That is also another tempting way to make money. I tried it over the Summer. At one point I broke even then I lost 10 mill in a couple of hands and haven’t gone back for a month. I know it’s very unlikely I’ll ever make a decent amount of money from it but you hear those legendary stories of people making billions in mere hours and you can’t help but be drawn into the hysteria surrounding it.
For those unknowing, you can play safe eve poker with EOH Poker.

And I think that has exhausted this past few weeks info my friends. Leaving only the inevitable skill checkup. Well all that’s happened is that I have analytical mind 5, learning 5, energy systems operation 5, and have energy management 5 8 days from completion.



Im not back. Just visiting

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Well. It’s been a while and I bet some of you have been wondering ‘tomo! Where’ve you been! I’ve missed your whining and petty skill discussions!’
Well I thought it only right that I told you what I’ve been doing these past couple of months. I obviously can’t tell you every story and exploit that has happened simply because there’s too many to remember nevermind write down. So I’ll start with the big stories and move along to the present.

About 2 months ago I started making P4 products. Recursive computing modules to be precise in EUU. I was able to sell these in 0.0for 1 mill each. I made only 6 a day so the money was awful but it was a start for what’s to come.
But then the nasty Russians and their PL mercenaries came in and harassed us. Do we, the noble Reckoning. Alliance struck back and defended our space and atlas’ too, them being our landlords. One if the most effective tactics we employed during that tricky month was a gatecamp in T2 frigates. You’d think that’d only be good against small single targets but it was amazingly effective as it seemed that nobody told PL or RA that this camp was happening and killing everything in gangs less than 5 HACS. Of course the odd lucky intercepted or dramiel would make it through, but any cruiser or battleship was doomed. Of course we weren’t static. The camp spanned an entire system that was the only easy gateway to the large fleet fights happening far away. And seeing as how we had scouts all over the place. We saw alot of things happen around us. Including a Cynon being kit by an orca.

Obvious bait. Yes we could see straight through PLs ruse. But we thought, sod it, maybe a frig gang will put confuse them. So we made best speed to our scout. That man must be one if the luckiest tacklers in eve as we were constantly hampered by the gates not working properly and taking minutes to get through over all the guy must have waited nearly 10 minutes trying to avoid the drones while we got there. But when we arrive on the scene all we saw was a lone orca. So naturally we shoot at it. And jeep going for 5 minutes while this orca does nothing atall. But when it hits structure, the pilot finally twigs that we might not e a scout group for a BS gang and lights up another cyno and brings in about 20 stealth bombers. They kill about 3 of us but we still get the Orca. And all the bragging rights that come with bagging a PL orca.

This gang also took us to face a a small HAC skirmish. Atlas on on side PL on the other and us in T2 frigs again. This little skirmish was for the most part successful for us. I don’t think we had any losses and we bagged a couple of zealots and a muninn.

All those gangs were fought in my trusty enyo. That thing only died once during those battles. On the way back from that last skirmish I met a hurricane off a gate. I went to tackle it while everyone else came through but naturally everyone got held up at the gate so I was neuter to death and slowly killed the pod was fine but I was bitter all the same that my discount enyo had died.

One thing I should have mentioned about that last battle was the lag we experienced. It was awful. Local peaked at 50 and you were lucky to get your guns cycling, and enemies took 5 minutes to die after you’d destroys their structure. It wasn’t a massive cap fleet like you’d expect merely a simple HAC fight.

One of the key systems that PL and RA fought for was C-J6. So there was a lot of fleet fights happening there. But I only fought there he once. We were killing SBUs that had been put down. So we destroyed the SBUs only have a GM tell us that it was a cloth and that the SBUs hadn’t onlined so we shouldn’t have shot them. I had to leave the fight so I don’t know the full story. But what I do know is that we eventually lost that system.

Because of the gatecamp I mentioned earlier and the orca kill and thingS, PL and RA realised that we had to be eliminated to make their takeover easier and suffer less losses as they moved around. So they tried to take our home system of EUU. they eventually did succeed but only after several botched attempts. First time it was just PL trying to get a fight out of us. The second time an PA hauler set down the SBU but got scared when someone saw him and ran off without anchoring it. So we nicked it. Naturally.

The aggressors eventually permanent camped EUU so we couldn’t move and took our systems while we simply watched. But what could we do?

It before all the sorrow of being evicted we we very prosperous. We were in some of the best alliance carebear space in eve. The belts were good and there was lots of them. There were always sanctums and havens to run with a few buddies or 1 man and his carrier. I even used an Ishtar at one point. But it died horribly in a haven when I got abandoned. So after that it was dominixes all the way.

One of the very annoying things is that while we fought and died for Atlas’ systems. It never seemed like they fought for ours ofcourse houngan argue they were to too busy with their own but it still left a bitter taste in the mouth.

After EUU was lost to the Russians I left eve for a week or 2. When I finally came back I found insmother under Russian control and we had moved to Stain, and now had brick squad as our landlords. I sold my stuff in EUU and jump cloned and suicide cloned to stain and got myself to my corps system.

The interesting thing about stainis that it’s an NPC region meaning it belong to the Sansha’s Nation. You know the weird dudes with the spiky ships. This means that no matter the true sec, the rats will spawn as if it were a -1.0 true sec system. Of course the pieces and anomalies aren’t really there as much but te rafting is so much more lucrative. And faction spawns come alot kore often. We’ve already had 4 officer spawns in the couple of weeks being here. I myself have had 1 really good true sansha cruiser spawn. I got a true sansha stasis webifier and low grade slave omega worth over 200 mill each. What does that ammount to? Well it nearly doubled my money at the time, let’s leave it at that.

Also being an NPC region also means that the Watkins are NPC and have mission agents in them. That means LP and consistent money for those who run them. am among those who run them. At the moment I can only do level 1s in my enyo but I often team up with sown who can do level 4s to get a much larger faction standing boost.

The PVP I’m getting down here is less as we don’t yet have gangs up that I can really go with as they aren’t at the right time.

And now, it was enevitable. PI. Officially my Corp has a PI program up and has had one in the making since insmother. But now the alliance has one too. At our most recent alliance meeting it was officially announced that the alliance has an official PI program up and running to make money for out supercap program. Of course, CDSV is at the forefront of mass producing PI in our Corp so we knew about it before everyone else. I have to say oddly enough I dissaprove. I’d say it’s more practical for every Corp to have it’s own supercap program and PI program. So then it doesn’t result in CDSV making 50% of the PI but then it all goes to some temperamental guy in RAAT or VRCorp who might not always be online.

My own PI you ask? Well I’ve pretty much donated Tomovoni to the corps own PI, but may I introduce tobovoni! My PI dedicated player. He will have elite command centres, 6 planets and net me over a billion per month. And that figure isn’t that imaginative either. It is a reasonable amount to expect. How’d I work it out. EPIC homemade spread sheet is how.

And skills. Yes. Skills. That horrible word that turns up everytime I do these blogs. Well. I’ve set up a long term skill plan. First things first. I do a couple of learning skills to 5 then I only do skills that need intelligence and memory as a primary attribute.
Then at about christmas or so I make a massive attribute rememap and put all my points into perception the willpower. Sounds crazy but if I train all conveivable skills that ill need to 4 or so it takes mento christmas. Minus a few minor skills that I may never train or only take a little while or things i won’t need for ages until I get some very expensive ships. Marauders for example or if I train recon ships.

Well I think that covers all the major events of the past couple of months.

But like this title suggests. This is not my return to blogging necessarily. Just a little(lol) update on what’s been happening these las lt couple of crazy months


More PI

July 1, 2010 - 2 Responses

Well. I keep blogging about my planetary exploits. In comparison to most I’m probably just a bit of a rookie, but I’m now really getting proud of my creations.

At the start of today’s eve hour. Literally I managed to squeeze in an hour of eve before I had to stop. I did a little ratting in EUU to get the funds a little higher, because straight from the start, I had an idea in mind. I already said that I couldn’t find command centres of sufficient level for me. It would have been better to say there were none in a range I could be bothered to go to. So I decided to do 6 jumps to grab an improved command centre, not just the standard version. The only one that was useful to me was a temperate command centre. The rest were useless as they were planet types not in EUU. Only problem was that when I went to go buy it, stupid SOLAR FLEET came to ruin my day. I waited for a good 10 mins while they cleared out before I could leave.

It was a really nice flight I flew throu… Wait. You don’t give a shit about that bit do you.

I got back with the new command centre and put it on the temperate planet and got checking what to extract. I setup all the extractors and routed them all to the right processor, but here’s the beautiful bit. I’ve now got a one planet P3 chain of industrial explosives! Shame I don’t know what they’re worth, but it can’t be too shabby once you get them to high sec. I may start doing P4 production though if I setup another planet to help it out

That’s really all I have blog, I’m just pretty proud of my P3 chain.


Ah. Quick training

June 29, 2010 - Leave a Response

So what did you spend your free 100000 so on? I out them all over. Most went into planetary interaction. I now have interplanetary consolidation 3 meaning I can use 4 planets concurrently, and command centre upgrades 3 meaning I can use improved command centres. Shame they don’t seem to be sold where I am.
So I’ve been forced to use a standard PCC to do my new operation on a barren planet. Despite being barren the planet seemed to have quite a lot of some pretty cool resources. So much so that this planet is engaging in P2 production. I’m pretty proud of myself for managing to get all the resources sorted out for P2. I could have a better colony except for the fact that my PCC doesn’t have the power to run what id like.

And the new primae. Has not been tried out yet because you can’t redeem in player outposts, only NPC stations. So I got tovoni to get it in jita. I’ll contract it back later. From what I’ve read it’s a good looking ship but after that it’s just like a crap industrial hauler.

Some of the skill points I mentioned earlier went into drones aswell to get heavy drones 3 and the rest went to industry to cut a few hours off.

I would probably be making more money by creating massive colonies on more planets except for the fact that it costs so damn much. I have 10 mill. Barely enough to start another colony considering PCC costs and then the taxes for building stuff. Nonetheless. I can see PI becoming quite profitable for me once I’ve got the hang of it and start making P3 and P4 products. Even POS modules.


We made it…

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To flying the Ishtar!!!

Yes, that landmark. I have bought and flown the prestigious gallente cruiser. So what’s my first impressions? It puts the bloody hurt on don’t it. 5 berserkers (yes I trained heavy drones to celebrate) really smash through those angel saints. Of course after I bought it I went straight to the ratting and went to a system that was pretty much empty, first belt, triple throne spawn, the 1.5 mill rats, and I sliced straight through them. And as I orbited them I noticed something. I was using 1 rep when my old myrm would be using two.
It does have one minor flaw. Even against tiny spawn of battlecruisers you have to keep moving. I’m not using the uber sit still shield tank that I had originally planned on. This is 2 reps, 2 EANM, and explosive hardener plus AB tank. So the speed and small sig radius is key.

Of course to buy this I had to raise some funds. Even after a couple hours ratting I’m still left with 10 mill at the end of the day. And I ripped the fitting from the myrm so there’s no cost there.
I started early in the day in the trusty old myrmidon and slowly pressed through EUU making a fair bit of isk. Then near the end of this session I got a faction spawn. It wasn’t great, only a cruiser, but it certainly wasn’t bad. The bounty and salvage was negligible compared the loot. I got a low-grade halo alpha for my troubles. In jita, this goes on contract for about 20 mill. That made my day it did.
After this brief moment of joy one of my new corpmates offered to run sanctums with me in his Thanatos. Knowing the kind of money you can make in those sites leapt at the chance and joined him and another flying a drake. We had some fun killing the rats and making isk At the end of the site we all kind of split up and I logged off untill after lunch to buy the Ishtar having made 25 mill that morning.

And I’m finally getting the hang of this planetary interaction stuff. Still hanging out on the same gas giant extracting the noble gases, but now I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve upgraded to a limited command centre and I’ve added alot more extractors, storage facilities, and even some processors. I’m processing oxygen from my extractors and I think this could get profitable once I’ve upgraded to decent command centres and got the hang of processors.

Industry is finally on the training queue and I can’t wait to get it to V. I’ve got it all planned out. Even though ratting does make me faster money. Industry doesn’t require that much effort. Apart from the mining bit. But that bits still hardly taxing.

Overall it’s been a very productive and fun day for me. Apart from the fact I’m now down to 10 mill.


Who to blame…

June 24, 2010 - One Response

…for the great downtime of 2010. I say the Russians. Why? Well we had a Russian in our home system asking to get his stuff out. I don’t know what happened to the guy cos I left before he left, but we had fun with google translator and blind guessed about his love of cock. At least that what I thought he said.
Yeah I don’t hate Russians. One of the nicest eve players I ever knew was Russian.

Now unfortunately I had a skill that finished during downtime so I lost about 8 hours of training time. But I think this may be made up for the fact CCP is giving all capsuleers a free gift of skillpoints to use as they see fit. Or I think that’s the gist of the announcement. Where will I use it? I suppose you’d think the obvious. What have I been training lately? Guns. But depending on how big the gift is. I may use them for industry.

Yes. Industry. Something I haven’t dabbled in in a long time. The procurement, refining, manufacture and possible use or selling of resources and commodities. Why do it now you ask. You’ve been combat oriented for so long. Well the simple answer is money.

At my current rate I can make about 9 million isk an hour if I really push it in my myrm. But a recent blog by the mittani, sins of a solar spymaster blog, set me thinking. He made good points on the effort to isk reward. Yes a missioner in his fancy CNR can make 40 million isk an hour or so if he pushes it. But how much effort goes in. He constantly retargets, shoots, salvages so much constant effort. Whereas the domi pilot uses drones, takes abut longer, but ultimately just has to tank a full room consistently while he watches a movie with eve in the background. He uses the miner as an example too. The veldspar hulk pilot. Scooping ore every 3 minutes whereas the ice miner only does it every 10. It’s all about effort here.

With manufacturing, you spend abut of time mining the minerals, or buy them if your feeling flush, and set up your blueprint to go overnight while you sleep. Where’s the effort. And the moneys good. I said I make about 9 mill an hour if I push it. Well I can’t be arsed pushing it. I’ll be lucky if I spend an hour ratting every couple of days. Even if I just manufactured ammo I’d make more money per week just because it’s all automated here. I set up a queue, wait a few days. Boom. Pretty instant money.

Eve seems to trying to force me into industry too. This new ORE ship coming. Well I don’t have a clue how it’s used or what it does. But if it’s there for industry, use it.

And I now can finally use T2 guns. I’ve reached the point of t2 fittings. U2 ship with T2 guns with T2 armour and T2 damage mods and T2 drones… You get the point.

I’m proud of myself


In my absence…

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Ahhhhh. It’s been a long time since I blogged. Things happen in long times. Usually big things.

Probably the biggest revalation of mention is the fact that the glorious locusts. pretty much don’t exist. The Corp does but as a shadow of its former glory. It is pretty much relegated to highsec, ejected from reckoning. and with far fewer members. While alot of people split to new corps, paceybaby for example was trying to join a WH Corp last I heard, quite a few of us have fled to CDSV, Caldari Deep Space Ventures, as recommended by bretonia. They are in reckoning. and are are much more pvp oriented from what I can tell. I’ve only had a few conversations with the members but they all seem a decent bunch.

The next piece of big news is something I’ve wanted to be able to say for a long time. I think I’ve already said that I can fly the ishkur. If I didn’t say that, I can. But this I’d bigger news, I can now finally fly the T2 heavy assault cruisers of the gallente faction. In laymans terms, I fly Ishtar bitch. The beautiful green hull of concentrated drone power. When I can afford one I’ll be owning those pesky rats faster than ever with 5 sentries or heavies. Unfortunately the skill book costs 33 mill in jita so I had no money I’d like to lose after I bought it.

The alliance tournament eh. The final should just have finished and my moneys on pandemic legion. Why? Well as far as I’ve seen they’re unstoppable. Shame atlas didn’t win though, (have to give a shoutout to the landlords).

Planetary interaction. Phew that’s a mouthfull. I cant say I’ve done too much but I’ve set up a small colony on a gas giant to get some noble gases.

In part of my absence I also went to Belgium. I drank beer, fell in a nettle pit, twice, and had an amazing time in the beautiful weather.

And every good reader should look forward to the skill update. I now have 11 million sp. While I was in Belgium I trained up assault ships 5 and I’m now getting small hybrid turret V so I can kick some ass with T2 blaster. Unfortunately I spent about 8 hours training small energy turret V by accident. But oh well.

And that is everything I can think of for now.

All your life. Are belong to me

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We are the locusts. We will devoure what ever is in our way, be it ships or ore.

That is pretty much a quote of Locusts. motto.

It is official, I am to be one of the 2 lucky people to take a small group of people into battle to do or die. I will lead these men with honour, distinction and the sole purpose to bolster my e-peen. In reality however my peen will shrivel in all likliness as operation after operation appears to have no effect and is a total failure.

Why you ask, would the great tomovoni not be a great curagious FC?? Well for one, I’ve never commanded a fleet, I have little to no experience in small gang pvp, and I have no spine so I’m probably going to abandon my comrades and flee when I don’t like the look of things.

There’s also the fact I won’t be on for the next 2 weeks or longer so my first priority is to make an assistant squad leader to lead all my ops, be successful and let me take all the glory.

I am proud of being a selfish bastard like this.

Good things come to those who wait..

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And you’ve waited a very long time.
That’s right I’m finally back, at least for today, with the story of tomovoni and his travels.

Now I’ll be honest, the main reason I’ve not blogged is the fact I’ve not been on. But contrary to common belief,the world of eve does not come to a stand-still when I leave. Shocking I know.

There’s so much news though that I’m probably gonna forget to report of it. The first bit of news to come to my mind however is that the myrmidons fimally come! That beautiful machine has come to bless us with it’s owenage even though I find an armour tank better because it’s faster and has no cap issues. Along with that delivery came the implants I purchased cheap in high sec so I don’t lose too much money if I get popped.

The next thing I can think of is weapon upgrades V! Now I can use the T2 Magstabs I’ve been salivating over, mainly because our Market is nearly completely seeded with T2 stuff when it comes to the gallente. All the guns are T2, most drones, most armour mods. I don’t resent this per se but it’s a bummer that I’ll have to get T2 guns just to fly an ishkur.
After I’ve finished spaceship command V I’ll be in my Ishtar. But I’ll be in Belgium camping for over a week so I’ll just put assault ships V on for 3 weeks just because it’s long and useful, especially considering the next bit of info.

We have been sorted into PVP squads. This basically means we’re going for getting our name on the killboards. And the best part, I may well be selected for being a squad leader. This is not certain though but there is a fairchance. Why’s this related to assault ships? Well, if I am selected for leading the poor sods into battle I’ll probably be doing a frigate wolfgang, no bombers though, I don’t like bombers.
Another feature of my leadership will be forcing my subordinates to sign a document deasribing how, as far as they are concerned, I AM GOD! and they will do everything I tell them.

The next news I can think of is the failed PVP op today. To cut a long and tortuous story short, I waited an hour for the fleet to do something, then they told us to switch to TS3 which I couldn’t be bothered downloading, then they said go back on vent after I left.

After this I had a bit more fun after a guy created a ratting fleet. Me and a couple of others joined and decided to do a sanctum site, we made about 7 mill doing this before I had to leave but it was pretty cool watching battleships die in less than a minute.

And tyrannis has been delayed! If it gets rid of the lag issues in big fleets, I don’t care if they delay it another month.

And that is all the news I can think of for now.


Mmm. Tasty trailer

May 5, 2010 - Leave a Response

Ah yes, the new tyrannis trailer has come. Something that isn’t just some short videos of freighters omniously flying towards a planet, GET ON WITH IT!! I scream at the old trailer. This new one seems to be part emperian age trailer with the massive battle scene, and part dominion/butterfly effect trailer with the suggestion of acorns to oak trees and the constant stream of WIN!

And the CSM. if I’m honest I didn’t even know the voting was on again so I’ll have to get around to voting for the right man.

But in eve a sobering event has happened. I’m back in good old 0.0. The home of the rich bastards with faction ships.
I moved there with a tiny little shuttle, but I didn’t brave the gayecamps alone. I had help, I’m terribly sorry though I can’t remember the guys name, he was in green alliance though so I suppose I’ll just shout you allk out. Anyway, while I was still in highsec travelling, I noticed this guy following me through every system, so I convo this guy, ask him if he’s going to 0.0 too. Turns out he was. So I suggest we fleet up and move as a team. He valiently said he’d be scout for me. And so we move out into the great wildlands. Luckily I timed this so perfectly that there was only a few thousand people in game because it was literally just after downtime. We did however find one gatecamp. A few ships on a gate, he lost a shuttle while I played around with the stiletto jumping back and forth at the gate. I eventually get through unscathed and proceed to insmother and Reckoning. space.

In my eagerness and impatience I simply buy a myrm off the Market and not wait for my myrm to be delivered. (Thank god for that, bret and zaslow are still having trouble moving ships.) And set it up in a fairly cheapish armour tank setup that’s stable with two reps and will tank any belt spawn. Most of them but the multiple battleship spawns with one repper too.

Also after experimenting for an hour or so with sentries I find that just using Hammerhead IIs is the fastest way to rat the angels.

The trouble I have though is that I’m now down to 100 mill or so. In 0.0 everything is pretty damn expensive. I mean eveything, ships modules, guns in particular are in short supply. Costing over a mill for even just meta 1 or 2 things. And ofcourse this is compounded by the fact that angels use projectiles and missles, not hybrids. Another major pricey item are implants, for the most part only +3s are seeded and they have a pricetag of 16 mill. I had to get 2 just to train assault ships in a reasonable time then I have weapon upgrades 5 before I get to heavy assault ships. But I have done it. I have finally managed to reach assault ships, a target I’ve had for months, it has finally happened. WOOOT!

But of course. 0.0 means being in constant conflict with evil forces, and of all the evils there are none worth than that of the Russians, (SOLAR FLEET and xXDEATHXx are Russian yeah?), which send in a few people a day to piss us off. But we got our own back when we destroyed 2 redeemer black ops ships. I’ll be honest though, the alliance killboard is all but stunning.

I think that just about wraps up what I have to say about the last few days, did I ever mention we have an awesome Corp logo by a comicbook artist, cool guy.