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October 27, 2009

I’ve finally got a battlecruiser. But I didn’t buy it. A friend of mine had no use for some of his ships as he didn’t like gallente ships because of the drones so he kindly donated his Myrmidon. Of course I can’t fly this yet as batttlecruisers weren’t part of my original plan so I never rained up the skills. So now I have to wait for another day or so for the skills to train as I need to train spaceship command to level 4 which itself takes 18 hours. Other than that attempt at news I ain’t got nothing more to say. Other than my friend also fitted the ship with cap rechargers and railguns and gave a packet of drones. Be also gave me a few N-type hardeners.


Fuck level 2 !!!!
October 26, 2009

Yeah I’m moving out of low sec. I got camped at the same station twice in two bleeding hours. Luckily I was insured but I can’t be bothered with all the hassle. Ok I made quite a bit f money for a level 2 mission but it wasn’t worth it. I’ve moved back to my corps home space to mine again and I’m just waiting for industry to train up then I’ll wait filor mining barge and so on then I’ll get into a retriever and treat halada like god once more!

Headin to low sec
October 24, 2009

I’m writing this as I’m heading from Rens to the the low sec system of Naguton. I’m still following the sisters of eve and trying to make quick money. It’s not going well. This is my first level two mission and so I imagine it will be a bit harder than the average l1. Ok it’s only a -18 quality but still. It’s lowsec so a scanner pirate might just ruin my day. I’m doin this in vexor so it shouldn’t be too hard s some people say that l2s are for destroyers but still. It’s a low sec one. That’s really all I gotta say.

How big -er bastards are ccp?
October 23, 2009

I’ve come across the stupidest decision from ccp. Only being able to train 1 character at once. It pisses me off because I now have to put up with my mission running drone boat miner until I get good missions or I can get a retriever then start training another character for the non-carebearish PVP. yeah it’s a carebear blog but it’ll be a month till I’ll have the right skills for it even to be plausible for me to go out in a thorax and piss of miners and other unsuspecting victims.
Actually just thinking about it. If I killed a miner or an otherwise carebear, would that make me a canibal?
Any way I’ll still have to wait for ages to train up both characters to money making levels. Other than that little gripe I ain’t got anything else to say.
Until next time

PS To the poor sod that reads this can you please tell me whether I made up this saying or if I heard or read it in a book I don’t remember. DARE NOT BE NOT.

I brings friends
October 21, 2009

Not much is happening other than I’m training the industry skill for a retriever. But the only real thing happening is that I’ve managed to encourage my friends to buy eve. 2 guys from my class. Unfortunately they seem to like pestering me about the ship (no offence) I use and how the imicus is te best ship since the avatar. They’re cool guys but their noobs and they don’t know about making real money. But like any other newbie they think that 500000 isk is amazing so it’s easy to please them!

Time is money
October 19, 2009

Nothing to post on other than i have managed to get one of my mate to buy eve. He has a 3 month subscription now. To fill this void I tested my mining time. My osprey can fill a gsc in about 15 mins and about 22 mins to haul the can and sell the ore for around 250,000-300000 isk per can.

Getting in with the big boys
October 18, 2009

Well I’ve finally got enough money to buy the the osprey. Anddddd it’s ok.
It’s a bit overated as you need mining 4+ cruiser4+ and astrogeology 3+ to make it much better than any other ship nontheless. It still fills the cans a little faster and fits a stiffer tank. Though it’s a shame about the smaller drone bay than the exequoror.
In other news I may well have got a nicely discounted price on a crapload of bpc for ammo. There’s everything from emp s to proton xl all with good efficency levels. All of them seem to still have no less than 500 runs on them. And the price? About 2000000 isk. For about 30 items! bargain

Scope Breaking News
October 18, 2009

The newly setup hellbenders mining division has shut down after a short life of one and a half days.

we got a comment off the CEO “Igot headhunted, i should consider it a compliment that i’m known that well.”

could this comny be another victim of the credit crunch?




yeah anyway, i got chatted by Starduste after advertising in local in Osugger. i got recruited into the Infinity Mining Corp or something like that. they’re a cool bunch of guys(gals?) wit mental health problems.

Forum Access
October 17, 2009

Well. I finally have forum access. For the Illimformed you cannot access the forums or your API key for 72 hours after your buy a full account. I’ve been waiting a long time for mine because I’ve been wanting access to capsuleer and evemon.

First Post!
October 15, 2009

This is the first post of the, what I hope to become, prestious “Memoirs of a Carebear” blog. The ongoing tale of the struggle to survive in the violent world of eve.
Now I only bought eve a few days ago. This doesn’t however mean that I know nothing. I’ve wanted the game for over a year now but my parents have been denying until now. My 14th birthday. Yes I’m 14. If you can’t live with that then just leave. I hope however to create a humurous informative blog that is readable and isn’t just a kid whining.
But now to the story if woe and hardship. In the beginning I was a gallente pilot in the good old crapbag, the velator. I’ll skip about a day or 2 of the 7 days of trail I used up.
So I’d moved into an incursus and had finished the started missions around the starter grounds in Sinq Laison. I was recommended to sister alitura if the sister of eve bureau in Arnon. I did a few if the missions but I soon found that I was going back abd firth just fixing up then joint the fray just to get into structure as the rats kept drilling through my armour. Instead of doing the smart thing and training up resistance and hp skills, I the lazy thing and just got a destroyer. That was good for a few more missions because I now had 3 low slots on my Catalyst for tank. I then used this for the rest of the entire mission arc. Apart from the last few missions where I splashed out and bought a shiny vexor. This was great until the last mission where I had it fit with small railguns and drones against the final rat. I had to pull my range at 20km to stop him hitting me and I had to repair myself about 4 times in the epic half hour fight. At the time I had a philosophy for buying ships. If I could afford it and it was faster than training up a few tank skills, it was a good buy.
Now I’ll skip a fee more days to just before I buy the full game. I was still in a vexor abd I wsas trying to run missions for the sisters of eve near rens and I wasn’t making much for it. It wasn’t as good as the arc and it was lain boring as the rats were pathetic. If course I can’t get into level 2 missions so I was forced into this way if life because mining without a hauler is just a waste if time. I kept going though until my standing were 0.67. I thought it wouldn’t be worth it going on and in the same night, I asked my mum to put in her paypal for eve. The same day as I got eve I bought the gallente industrial and bought a nice new iteron.
We’re still not up to date yet though. The next day I tried my had at trading. Fucked up. Put in some buy orders for some ammo blueprints. Changed my mind. Putnin a buy order for 1000000 trit. 50limited ocular filter. Bought an iteron mk. II. And now we’re up to date. I now use this iteron to jet can with a navitas. I’m training up for the osprey to fill up faster and I’ve set up a couple of gsc in my system mining omber. Once all my buy orders fill up il do the standard sell it higher in a more expensive place thing and then that’s it. The circle of life continues. That’s the end if this monter of a first blog.
By the way it seems like a monster to me because I’m writing this on an iPod touch at 1:30 AM. I’m an insomniac invade your wondering. As you should have guessed my ingame name is tovoni. I welcome any comments here and Any money sent ingame. Ingame chats are also welcome as I need to get into a Corp because I’m still in the starter one.

Just a side note. Americans may have trouble contacting me as I’m in England. This applies to any other timezone far from GMT.