How big -er bastards are ccp?

I’ve come across the stupidest decision from ccp. Only being able to train 1 character at once. It pisses me off because I now have to put up with my mission running drone boat miner until I get good missions or I can get a retriever then start training another character for the non-carebearish PVP. yeah it’s a carebear blog but it’ll be a month till I’ll have the right skills for it even to be plausible for me to go out in a thorax and piss of miners and other unsuspecting victims.
Actually just thinking about it. If I killed a miner or an otherwise carebear, would that make me a canibal?
Any way I’ll still have to wait for ages to train up both characters to money making levels. Other than that little gripe I ain’t got anything else to say.
Until next time

PS To the poor sod that reads this can you please tell me whether I made up this saying or if I heard or read it in a book I don’t remember. DARE NOT BE NOT.


2 Responses

  1. Just get a second account…its the best way to have an alt. If not…there is no reason to have two characters on the same account since you can jusr train all the skills on one character…

    And it makes perfect sense. Every other mmo you have to be online to advance…in Eve you dont…so if you think about it…you cant level up two characters at the same time in any mmo…why should it be any different for eve?

  2. yeh but i dont want to pay and i cant get plex, and my main has lost the training time bonus

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