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Guess who’s back… Again!
November 29, 2009

I make money faster
I train faster
I am faster!

Well yeah I’m chuffed. Today I started using a new level 3 agent, this guys a quality 15 though insted of the-12 of my old agent.
So anyway. My first mission gives me 800 LP and around 800000 ISK. that’s over twice what the other agents gave me. That mission is incredebly easy. Ok. One off. There must be harder missions. The next mission gives me 900 lp and is a little harder. I had to warp off though as I was using an angel setup and I was fighting mercenaries.
Third mission. Just as easy. AND… it gave me 1193 LP! just to clarify. I don’t have any skills that modify your LP gains or money gains.

The next mission I’ve not done yet is a less exorbitant one. Just 350 Lp on that one.

Another reason I’m chuffed is because I used my hard earned LP to buy a +3 memory implant and gave it to tomovoni. The result. It shaved 8 hours off drones V. Yes I’m now training drones up for the arbitrator I’ll soon be buying. I’ll then train up gallente drone specialisation for Hobgoblin II. Can someone send me a link to a good arbitrator setup. I’m not sure what to do with it for level 1 & 2 missions. I’ll then move to a Harbinger for level 3 missions and possibly level 4 missions if I have the tank skills.
I also forgot to say. Tovoni can now do level 4 missions for the Brutor Tribe except for the fact all the agents are too higher quality. I won’t do them though as I definately won’t be able to tank them.
Remember though. Tovoni and his cousin tomovoni are poor and need money. So open your hearts and wallets and donate to a good cause.


Guess who’s back!!
November 22, 2009

Well im finally back after about a week of not going on EVE. That mission i whined about last time….. well…. I still haven’t done it because I switched agents. This persons a quality -12 (the first was -11). This person does similer missions to the other and theyre a tad easier.

This blog isnt dedicated to Tovoni though, it  dedicated to the triumphs of Tomovoni, Tovoni’s strange Amarr cousin. Tomovoni has reached over 1 million skill points! AND.. he has brand new +1 and +2 implants. He has trained all the learning skills at least partly  and, by the time you read this, they will probably all be at level 4!

However, yes, it’s the bit youve all been dreading! The blogly(?) beg!

By buying all these skills and implants, T and Tomovoni are now broke. please look into your hearts (and coffers) and give generously to the carebear (with strange pvp dreams) cause! Or i’ll kill you when i get my retribution/wolf gang together!!

Send the ISK to Tovoni or Tomovoni ingame and chat with me so i can use my psychological training to persuade you  into giving more money. Did i say that out loud? I meant to engage in an educated conversation about personal finances. You can also find me in the help my mission channel ingame aswell.



*EDIT* Forgot to mention guys. I put a link on my advertisement in the MYEVE section of the EVE forums so now my traffic has shot up!

WTF my arse is that a lvl3!!!
November 17, 2009

Well I’m pissed. Last night I signed up for a mission. The agent I use does mission on a 7 mission or so loop so I’d dine all the missions before. This one where you have to destroy a repair station. I knew this one was hard but I couldn’t remember how hard. So I warp in try and destroy the station. Then three 100DPS turrets warp in and about 5 cruisers ad 15 frigates. After 2 minutes I’m forced to warp out. I do this about 3 times getting increasingly annoyed at the mission as it is so hard and it doesn’t even pay well. It’s a testament to the power of the mission that a myrmidon with dual reps can’t tank it for more than 2 mins at a time. Yeah you can say I should have passive tanked it but I don’t have good enough skills. So any way in the 4th or 5th time I do this my tank couldn’t hold for 3 mins as I aligned because they have a webber tower aswell. So anyway I die. Fuck. Oh well I’ve got insurance. I go out in frig to try and grab my loot. Fuck I’m dead again. I have to grab a myrmidon and grab it. By the time I’m out I’m already into armour and I did it as fast as I could.
So yeah I’m pissed because that mission is probably the hardest level 3 in the game and guess who has to get it. Me.
Sorry but I’m annoyed at it because it’s so hard.
So yeah now more tgan ever I need you money. Rememer tovoni or tomovoni are the people to send you
Money to!
Tomovoni now has higher atributes across the board than my main! I may switch to him as a main source of income

Faction dont come cheap! (for the better!)
November 16, 2009

Well with the recent introduction of level 3 missions for me and the new boost of lp I get from them, I’ve never been in a better state to profit from these adventures. I decided to start small and buy minmatar republic EMP m. I did this twice and then sold it on. I could have gone to Rens to sell it higher but I couldn’t be bothered. Anyway, what costed me 3.5 mill or so isk raised my balance from 8.5 to 11.5 mill. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I bought a hardwire accidently then plugged it in. Found it crap. Bought another and found it just as crap and guess what? They both fitted the same bloody slot so I had to unplug the damn thing to put the new crap one in!
I still made a good profit but it chapped my hide that I wasted over 700000 isk on crap implants.
That’s all the news for now. Remember tovoni and tomovoni are still broke bastards send them your disposable income.

November 14, 2009

Hadreu aremo is a legend by all standards. This just a quick blog dedicated to him cos he just gave me 10 mill isk.
Remember 10 mill doesn’t fill the coffer so send your isk to tovoni or tomovoni.
I salute you hadreu

Life is a beach (where you get pissed off!)
November 12, 2009

Well I dont actiually know why I’m bothering to write this
blog. There is actually nothing stall to report. Nought. No wrmholes no pvp not even any mission as I’ve never found the time and my main character is skint from buying edeitic memory and logic for my other character. (I’d say alt but that gives the impression of him being a different account.)
I suppose the only news is that my ‘alt’ has trained up memory and intelligence to 21 points. I just need implants but they cos so bleeding much! To me any way as I have 2 mill after I accidently bought basic insurance for my myrmidon. On the upside I suppose, my main can almost do level 3 missions, though I suppose the downside is I’m not sure if it will be able to tank the rats. That’s why I made an ‘alt’. My main lost the training bonus and has pretty crap attributes. My plan is to trainup my ‘alt’ until I convert it to my main and use amarr ships to do my dirty work.
Well like I said, there is quite litterally no real news to report other than this nit-picking.
Remember to send money to either tovoni or tomovoni. I’m bloddy skint. Loom into your heart man!

Faster boy faster
November 7, 2009

Well I haven’t blogged in a while and a bit has happened. I’m still doing level 2s in my myrmidon and making little money and lp doing it. The most significant thing I’ve done receny us create a new character. His name is tomovoni and he is an amarr amarr male. I used amarr as I dint like the minmatar that much in the later stages and the amarr are near to Rens. S o igot my main, Tovoni, to send him 5 mill isk and got him a shuttle and shippedmhim off to Infinity trading Corperation’s home station and got him to train up instant recall and the tier 1 intelligence skill that I can never remember the name of. I’m about to finish the instant recall level 4 and then it will start doing intelligence. After that he’ll start training edetic memory. I did a neural remap on him to speed up the training.
Other than this new character there’s no real news to report.
Remember. Send money to either tovoni or tomovoni. PLEASE! I’m poor as shit. I’ve only got a battlecruiser because a mate gave it to me for free!!

Lvl 2s are tame
November 2, 2009

Well I haven’t blogged in a while and I felt I needed to update this. Like I said I’ve moved back to high sec but a few important things have changed. For one I’ve got connections 3 so I can now do lvl 2 missions for every Corp on my list.I moved to gallente space to do some missions for astral mining but I’ve movedxback to Rens to mission for Brutor Tribe.
The problem with brutor tribe is that the nest security mission I can get needs a 2.15 standing but I noly have 1.93 or so. The missions are very boring aswell as they are on a 3 or 4 mission loop. I get about 150000 isk per mission and 50 lp on average.
In Corp news we are planning on doing some mining ops soon to fund some pvp training we’re planning on doing soon with a teamspeak or ventrilo server hopefully. That’s all the news i can think of for now. Apart from the fact I’ve drones v!! 5 drones simultaniously!!