Lvl 2s are tame

Well I haven’t blogged in a while and I felt I needed to update this. Like I said I’ve moved back to high sec but a few important things have changed. For one I’ve got connections 3 so I can now do lvl 2 missions for every Corp on my list.I moved to gallente space to do some missions for astral mining but I’ve movedxback to Rens to mission for Brutor Tribe.
The problem with brutor tribe is that the nest security mission I can get needs a 2.15 standing but I noly have 1.93 or so. The missions are very boring aswell as they are on a 3 or 4 mission loop. I get about 150000 isk per mission and 50 lp on average.
In Corp news we are planning on doing some mining ops soon to fund some pvp training we’re planning on doing soon with a teamspeak or ventrilo server hopefully. That’s all the news i can think of for now. Apart from the fact I’ve drones v!! 5 drones simultaniously!!


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