Faster boy faster

Well I haven’t blogged in a while and a bit has happened. I’m still doing level 2s in my myrmidon and making little money and lp doing it. The most significant thing I’ve done receny us create a new character. His name is tomovoni and he is an amarr amarr male. I used amarr as I dint like the minmatar that much in the later stages and the amarr are near to Rens. S o igot my main, Tovoni, to send him 5 mill isk and got him a shuttle and shippedmhim off to Infinity trading Corperation’s home station and got him to train up instant recall and the tier 1 intelligence skill that I can never remember the name of. I’m about to finish the instant recall level 4 and then it will start doing intelligence. After that he’ll start training edetic memory. I did a neural remap on him to speed up the training.
Other than this new character there’s no real news to report.
Remember. Send money to either tovoni or tomovoni. PLEASE! I’m poor as shit. I’ve only got a battlecruiser because a mate gave it to me for free!!


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