Life is a beach (where you get pissed off!)

Well I dont actiually know why I’m bothering to write this
blog. There is actually nothing stall to report. Nought. No wrmholes no pvp not even any mission as I’ve never found the time and my main character is skint from buying edeitic memory and logic for my other character. (I’d say alt but that gives the impression of him being a different account.)
I suppose the only news is that my ‘alt’ has trained up memory and intelligence to 21 points. I just need implants but they cos so bleeding much! To me any way as I have 2 mill after I accidently bought basic insurance for my myrmidon. On the upside I suppose, my main can almost do level 3 missions, though I suppose the downside is I’m not sure if it will be able to tank the rats. That’s why I made an ‘alt’. My main lost the training bonus and has pretty crap attributes. My plan is to trainup my ‘alt’ until I convert it to my main and use amarr ships to do my dirty work.
Well like I said, there is quite litterally no real news to report other than this nit-picking.
Remember to send money to either tovoni or tomovoni. I’m bloddy skint. Loom into your heart man!


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