Faction dont come cheap! (for the better!)

Well with the recent introduction of level 3 missions for me and the new boost of lp I get from them, I’ve never been in a better state to profit from these adventures. I decided to start small and buy minmatar republic EMP m. I did this twice and then sold it on. I could have gone to Rens to sell it higher but I couldn’t be bothered. Anyway, what costed me 3.5 mill or so isk raised my balance from 8.5 to 11.5 mill. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I bought a hardwire accidently then plugged it in. Found it crap. Bought another and found it just as crap and guess what? They both fitted the same bloody slot so I had to unplug the damn thing to put the new crap one in!
I still made a good profit but it chapped my hide that I wasted over 700000 isk on crap implants.
That’s all the news for now. Remember tovoni and tomovoni are still broke bastards send them your disposable income.


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  1. followed the link from the forum, and am glad you are having a good time in EVE.
    Anyway, as a gesture of ‘welcome to EVE’ I leave you a tip for making extra money:

    1. Find a good mission hub let’s say level 3 and 4. Most of the time, a mission hub is also a marketing hub of that region (Jita is an exception).
    2. Now study the immediately neighboring systems market and look for hardners and drones. (forget abut ammo. too many competition!)
    3. You will find one or two systems where there are practically no hardeners and drones in the market, even though the agents in the missions hub frequently send mission runners to those systems.
    4. Remember this: people are lazy. When they realise that they brought a wrong hardener, or lost a drone or two in their mission, they are not going to make a 1 jump back to the hub if there already is a module available in the same system.
    5. Now that is your market.

    extra: Lv4 runners will most likely buy T2 modules, T2 Med~Heavy drones and Large Ammo , while Lv3 mission runners will use simple T1 modules and Small~Med drones/ammo. Try with small quantity first and see what sells and what not.

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