WTF my arse is that a lvl3!!!

Well I’m pissed. Last night I signed up for a mission. The agent I use does mission on a 7 mission or so loop so I’d dine all the missions before. This one where you have to destroy a repair station. I knew this one was hard but I couldn’t remember how hard. So I warp in try and destroy the station. Then three 100DPS turrets warp in and about 5 cruisers ad 15 frigates. After 2 minutes I’m forced to warp out. I do this about 3 times getting increasingly annoyed at the mission as it is so hard and it doesn’t even pay well. It’s a testament to the power of the mission that a myrmidon with dual reps can’t tank it for more than 2 mins at a time. Yeah you can say I should have passive tanked it but I don’t have good enough skills. So any way in the 4th or 5th time I do this my tank couldn’t hold for 3 mins as I aligned because they have a webber tower aswell. So anyway I die. Fuck. Oh well I’ve got insurance. I go out in frig to try and grab my loot. Fuck I’m dead again. I have to grab a myrmidon and grab it. By the time I’m out I’m already into armour and I did it as fast as I could.
So yeah I’m pissed because that mission is probably the hardest level 3 in the game and guess who has to get it. Me.
Sorry but I’m annoyed at it because it’s so hard.
So yeah now more tgan ever I need you money. Rememer tovoni or tomovoni are the people to send you
Money to!
Tomovoni now has higher atributes across the board than my main! I may switch to him as a main source of income


6 Responses

  1. Sucks about that loss…though truthfully..that mission is one of the easier ones…there are quite a few harder ones. And bytheway, even with crap skills…a murmured has a way better passive shield tank than active armor…

  2. i did want to put a shield tank on it but the skills on tovoni are too low and the attributes are crap so it would take forever for him to train it

  3. I do the L3 blood raider version of this mission in my harbinger all the time, it isn’t that hard if you plan it out. I fit an afterburner, 4 mission specific T1 hardeners and a T2 medium rep. The harbinger has no tanking bonuses at all, so your tank should be much better than mine. And 3 minutes should be plenty of time to thin out the incoming damage by destroying the rats.

    The second wave of ships are mercenaries, so they do different damage types than the primary enemies. Maybe that’s what’s catching you out?

    My usual tactics: Destroy the repair station first, it reps everything else, including the towers. Don’t shoot on the station until you’re in range for maximum damage. Destroy the stasis tower next, it goes down very quickly with its little friend repping it… Mobility is your friend here, so burn away with your afterburner. Velocity will mitigate a lot of missile damage, and you can also neutralise a lot of damage by out-ranging the enemy’s guns. Don’t sit in the middle of the pack and expect to come out unscathed.

    I usually try to pick off incoming frigates first, but only because they’re hard to hit once they get under my tracking. This isn’t really a problem with drones, so you might be better off destroying high damage ships first.

    This is not a personal dig at you, but I’ve found that if you approach a mission intelligently and with decent understanding of mechanics, very few of them are terribly difficult.

    • yeah I’m sure the harb can do this easily, but I’m a pilot who’s proud to show off 5 drones at once, i have 1.6 million skill points on that character so he tanks pretty bad.
      the reason he’s only got so little SP is because he doesn’t train. I don’t even have the skills to run 6 guns or 1 medium armour repper indefinitely. idont even have T2 drones. Thanks for the advice on the remote rep station though!

      • Heh, yeah I think I spotted your problem. 🙂

        I only have around 3m skillpoints though, with half of those being learning skills (what a grind that is).

        I’ve also just realised that you can destroy the repair station and warp out, you don’t actually need to kill any of rats to complete the mission, so that might be worth considering. Killing them all is quite profitable though.

        At any rate, good luck with your future endeavours.

  4. ^Above should read “without its little friend repping it”… apologies for any confusion caused! 🙂

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