Guess who’s back!!

Well im finally back after about a week of not going on EVE. That mission i whined about last time….. well…. I still haven’t done it because I switched agents. This persons a quality -12 (the first was -11). This person does similer missions to the other and theyre a tad easier.

This blog isnt dedicated to Tovoni though, it  dedicated to the triumphs of Tomovoni, Tovoni’s strange Amarr cousin. Tomovoni has reached over 1 million skill points! AND.. he has brand new +1 and +2 implants. He has trained all the learning skills at least partly  and, by the time you read this, they will probably all be at level 4!

However, yes, it’s the bit youve all been dreading! The blogly(?) beg!

By buying all these skills and implants, T and Tomovoni are now broke. please look into your hearts (and coffers) and give generously to the carebear (with strange pvp dreams) cause! Or i’ll kill you when i get my retribution/wolf gang together!!

Send the ISK to Tovoni or Tomovoni ingame and chat with me so i can use my psychological training to persuade you  into giving more money. Did i say that out loud? I meant to engage in an educated conversation about personal finances. You can also find me in the help my mission channel ingame aswell.



*EDIT* Forgot to mention guys. I put a link on my advertisement in the MYEVE section of the EVE forums so now my traffic has shot up!


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