Guess who’s back… Again!

I make money faster
I train faster
I am faster!

Well yeah I’m chuffed. Today I started using a new level 3 agent, this guys a quality 15 though insted of the-12 of my old agent.
So anyway. My first mission gives me 800 LP and around 800000 ISK. that’s over twice what the other agents gave me. That mission is incredebly easy. Ok. One off. There must be harder missions. The next mission gives me 900 lp and is a little harder. I had to warp off though as I was using an angel setup and I was fighting mercenaries.
Third mission. Just as easy. AND… it gave me 1193 LP! just to clarify. I don’t have any skills that modify your LP gains or money gains.

The next mission I’ve not done yet is a less exorbitant one. Just 350 Lp on that one.

Another reason I’m chuffed is because I used my hard earned LP to buy a +3 memory implant and gave it to tomovoni. The result. It shaved 8 hours off drones V. Yes I’m now training drones up for the arbitrator I’ll soon be buying. I’ll then train up gallente drone specialisation for Hobgoblin II. Can someone send me a link to a good arbitrator setup. I’m not sure what to do with it for level 1 & 2 missions. I’ll then move to a Harbinger for level 3 missions and possibly level 4 missions if I have the tank skills.
I also forgot to say. Tovoni can now do level 4 missions for the Brutor Tribe except for the fact all the agents are too higher quality. I won’t do them though as I definately won’t be able to tank them.
Remember though. Tovoni and his cousin tomovoni are poor and need money. So open your hearts and wallets and donate to a good cause.


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