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To hell with wormholes!
December 29, 2009

Quote from Garil Xolte:

You can solo C2 wormholes fairly easily. Not the best money ever but if you’re only making 10m a day then you should easily pull more from a C2. For C3 and above you’ll likely want to take a fleet, and they can be VERY profitable. I’d offer to let you fly with my fleet and see what it’s like, but we’re US TZ so that probably wouldn’t work.

Another option for probing in highsec is complexes. You can pull 20m deadspace modules out of them fairly easily. They are rather low on the skill requirements too.

I agree with everything you say but I have a few problems. I got pirated in a wormhole today! I found a high sec wormhole, class 2, and decided to go in.

currently due to my lack of hacking/archaeology/salvage skills, I’ve been telling my corpmates about any sites I’ve found and see if they want to do them. Ine person in the corp made about 100 mill in a RADAR site i told him about, he then promised to give me 4 or 5 mill. There’s also a miner industrialist in the corp who’d be interested in any gravimetric sites I find because he mines all his own stuff. he also mines in wormholes.

So I’m in this class 2, hanging by the WH, trying to find any grav sites for him, and a tengu (yeh, second time I’ve been killed by one!) come in and shoot me. Then he goes and pods me. I lose bout 30 mill in implants and get pissed off! So that’s why I’m going  into wormholes until I have secure income.

So after this unfortunate encounter, i went back to scanning high sec sites, and came across a DED 3/10 drone asteroid infestation. I thought what the hell and tried it out in my arbi. It was easy and i got about 1 mill off it. Not bad but I’ve had better. Like i said in my last post, I’m going to specialise in mag and RADAR sites with trading on the side.



Indecisiveness is the bane of all money
December 29, 2009

Well i’m have to say, I’ve become very indecisive(? how do you spell it?).

Trading isn’t going well. I’m not losing money, but I’m barely making any. Jita really is the home of tthen undercutting scum of eve, and i fear I’ve become one. No matter what i trade about 10 minutes later its been outbidded.

This kind of monetary limbo has made me think about other forms of money while putting trading on the side. First thoughts were about becoming a wormhole person. I might still do that but in a corp operation. (BTW.These all revolve around scanning as I’m beggining to really get the hang of scanning with my system of 6 probes.) Then I thought about a miner for high sec gravimetric belts, i found one the other day in sobaseki that had omber, kernite and pristine jaspet. That sounded good apart from the whole part about mining. Then I thought about doing RADAR and magnetometric sites in empire for T2 components. I also know that they are profitable as a corpmate who can do RADAR sites managed to get about 10 million ISKs worth of ,.. um.. what ever he managed to get, and offed me half of it. another good thing about them is that i find tons of RADAR sites where I am, nearly one a day. Yeah it’s not tons, but 10 mill  a day is the best I’ve ever had. That’s probably the most realistic of my aims. it only needs a few days of training and i should be able to do it. LADAR sites aren’t really practical for me as, not only are they mining, they are also seldom found outside low or null sec space.

any recommendations on how to make money outside missions and mining.


A recipe for success!
December 28, 2009

Well I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I just moved to Jita to do my trading, the cesspit of 0.01 isk undercutters. The new corp i hang out with now also lives a couple of jumps off Jita and I’ve become pretty friendly with most of them. I was invited to come along to a level 4 mission running op for money and standings for the Caldari navy, but i came on too late and didn’t have a ship ready. By the time i came in they were actually just salvaging the wrecks. Anyway, the trade in Jita seems to be going OK, I’m selling skillbooks, armour repairers, and scan probes.
Oh yeah, I didn’t say, this new corps called the brotherhood of fallen angels. Gang of about 9 people who I’ll join later today.
I also can now scan down hidden cosmic anomalies, signatures and other things like that with scan probes because I just trained up astrometrics III, along with astrometrics rangefinding. So far Ive managed to fully scan down a radar site that a friend from -BOFA- hacked/analysed (whichever, I forget) and got a couple of RAM (I think, the things that are used in invention. It gives much more runs than normal if you manage to invent the BPC.) anyway. He’s promised me about half the profit he makes from them which he reckons is about 10 mill isk at jita. I also then tried to scan down another gravimetric mining site (this is all just outside Jita while Im waiting for orders to fill.) I tried for an hour with 6 probes but it wouldn’t go above 50%.
Well, I think that’s about all the news for now. Just hoping all this trading is worth it.

Just an addon. Have you seen the new video tutorial on scanning from CCP. It’s very good and teaches you some good tips. Shame I already knew how to scan. But it’s still a good watch for a noob.

December 25, 2009

What? its half seven in the morning. You expect me to have gone on eve in the middle of the night? Nah, I just woke up and need to tell everyone about it.

A move back to the arena
December 24, 2009

Well I have done that dreaded thing, trading! The last time I traded, people who read my first post know that the last time I tried this I lost about 1 million ISK. And back then, 1 million ISK was a lot of money to me. This time I’ve put far more money at risk, and to my great surprise, I made back the money, apart from my last investment, but i only just started that one about 10 minutes ago. So far, my best investments have been in armour repairer. I won’t tell you what modules exactly because I don’t want people nicking my trade, but so far, I’ve made back all the money and I’ve not sold all of it yet!My most recent investment has been in scan probes. These should give me about 50% profit.

The main reason I’m not missioning at the moment is that I got annoyed with the Amarr navy and I went off missions. I gave Tyler Mohaffy (My CEO) a weeks grace period for anything interesting to happen like, a new guy from an EU timezone or, him starting to play while I’m on.

I’m still open to recruitment ideas so send me a mail or a chat if you think you’ve got a corp I’ll like. Just be aware, I’ll be very unlikely to accept any corps that are too far outside the ‘Amarr’ system. Remember, wormholes are my favourite dream.


WordPress has a bit of a weird comment system, eh?
December 22, 2009

I’ve just discovered that the comment system in WordPress operates very strangely. I think, but don’t quote on this, if you approve someone’s comment a couple of times then any other comment they give will automatically be approved by the system. this is a bit annoying to me because it means I don’t see how many times someone’s commented, without actually manually checking. when someone’s never commented though it shows in the comments button but that’s the only time I ever see them manually.

not any real news but i had to get it out of my system.

But for actual eve news. I’m having a real annoying time with the corps. the agent gave  rock hard mission for my calibre. I might have found a corp for me. trouble is, they mission with the gallente federation and they seem to put a large amount of time into mining and they want everybody to eventually get into a hulk. another corp I’m interested in is the ‘Blue Republic’. Trouble is the only reason I fancy them is because of the PVP they do against the ‘Red Empire’. I’m still open to corporation recruitment ideas. can they preferably be EU timezones though.


very erratic traffic! eh?
December 22, 2009

Well it is. it’s 11:30 and i’ve already got 19 views. yesterday though it was only 3 or 4 views! weird eh?

well that’s  picture of my blog traffic for the last couple weeks. very strange traffic pattern.

(yeah i know i spelt erratic wrong in the picture but it takes so long to write manually in the snippet tool with a laptop touchscreen).

I’m now also setting up new categories to make archiving this blog easier.

B.. (slaps himself)

and it continues to snow here in white England. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas indeed!

why did i choose this corp?!!?
December 21, 2009

That is the question i’ve been asking myself lately. The player-corp I’m in at the moment has a ceo in Chicago! I’m never going to meet him unless i stay up until about 2 o’clock in the morning! I really don’t fancy doing that!

And it’s not just the player corp that’s the problem! The Amarr Navy corp I mission for seems to have its agents more spread out than the Sisters of EvE! It seems that most of the agent are around the Amarr system but most of the mid quality agents (I.E. -16 – -5 & +4 – +16 quality) appear to be in low sec or null-sec thats over 15 jumps off! It’s bloody annoying! I’m contemplating changing to another mission corp but it took me half  a week of hardcore missioning to get here and i’m going to try to see this out. Or… I’ll just train up connections IV and do level 1s for a day and move immediately  into level 2s and 3s within  couple of days!

I’m also thinking of moving to a new corp in a week or so if this one doesn’t get more interesting. One of te really annoying things about the corp is that there’s supposed to be a hangar I can use in Nakri or something, but the hangar doesn’t exist.

Can someone refer me to a corp which either missions in high sec near in Amarr space or a wormhole corp. (yeah I never talk about my want to move to wormholes because I never get a chance to go in them so i never talk about them, but the Planet Risk show and other websites that rave about the fun to be had in them.

BE..  no wait.. i said i’d stop that. its in the beg page.


Extreme Traffic, and level 2s
December 19, 2009

Can anyone tell me why today i have had huge amounts of traffic. Today i broke my record for daily traffic, and i didn’t advertise in local or HMM! So yeah can anyone tell me why that happened.

In other news, i can now use level 2 agents again but I’d forgotten how much harder level 2s are than level 1s. Yeah they’re not that hard but it was the first time I’d done a mission that requires actual tanking in over a week. That and my tanking skills are pretty crap! It’s only a arbitrator!

But anyway in just over a week I’ll be able to use T2 armour hardeners, which will be  very useful  when  I move onto level 3 missions in my Harbinger.

Oh yeah. It also snowed again here in England!

NO MORE BEGS!! Refer to the Beg page for instructions on what to do.

urghhhh!!!!! bloody level 1s!!
December 18, 2009

Oh my god!! i’d forgotten how boring it is to grind through level 1 missions. i’ve run over 10 of these missions and i still only have a 0.13 status with the amarr navy. it’s such bullshit!!! oh yeah and social doesn’t work, its supposed to give me standings but it never does. however. connections does work (very well actually).

a note on the new zephyr. it looks freaking nice!! tiny but i like the idea of it using a built in probe launcher. along with the fact that sleepers won’t attack the ship!!

i am still yet to meet the ceo of my corp a second time. he never seems to be on and i’ve talked to him about wat times he comes on but i still dont see him within the times he sets.


i’m now only a week away from using t2 armour hardeners!! something tovoni never managed to do!! i will hopefully also have level 2 by the end of the weekend.

oh yeah, it snowed!!! it hardly ever snows here in the north west. Global warming my arse!! its a government conspiracy to get mone… gag hurk…. blarh!! (strangled by government agent)