Well I’m dissatisfied. For the the first time in weeks, this blog has had no viewers today. This is because I stopped advertising in the MyEve section of the forums and posted a bookmark on delicious. I think I will step up my bookmark sharing efforts and move to Digg and the other big sharers too.
Remember. Due to this lack in viewers I’m now skint (because the traffic and isk are very closely related?). So send your money to tovoni or tomovoni.


4 Responses

  1. actually i just found that 2 people seemed to have looked at the blog n the nick of time to stop me from losing my streak!

  2. I subscribe to this and many other eve blogs using google reader. So rest assured, I read every post you make.

  3. You’re also listed on http://www.evebloggers.com which gets close to 100 visitors a day. If you want them to visit your blog you might want to study up on writing compelling posts that will get them clicking on the link to read more. I wrote a blog post to provide a few tips about it over here. Good luck!

  4. thanks, that reassuring.

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