OK. I failed at killing the miners. Or a miner for that matter. I bought 8 catalysts and went off to abudban to kill the miners. I tried killing the small retrievers s they were the easiest to kill. I managed to lower the retrievers down to 75% armour then I get CONCORDED. After about 3 times I got bored of the 15 minute timer I just got bored and reprocessed the stuff I bought for the gank.

I transferred all the money to all the money to tovoni and waited half an hour.  I then took great pleasure in buying a magnate (which has the largest drone bay of any amarr frigate), and bought a few hobgoblin IIs and undocked. Ohhh! It was great. Watching those beautiful drones spin around me!

MONEY BEG! (give only to tomovoni now as i may never come back to tovoni now)


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