And now, we wait

Well, the isk making machine of tovoni is all but dead. I didn’t have the heart to kill him (I actually wanted to keep him because he has good standings. Tomovoni is now the main of my account and i showed this by giving him 3 brand new +3 implants.

I have to say that buying those implants was probably the fastest way I’ve ever halved my hard earned isk without the intent to use it for money making purposes! 40mill to 20mill in 5 minutes.


can people please comment on how to make the blog better


One Response

  1. How to make the blog better?
    1. Stop begging for isk…it’s annoying and makes you look pathetic…
    2. Get a new design…default designs are horrible

    I like you blog, you write some good stuff…but i’ve almost taken you off my google reader on multiple occasions because people who beg for isk piss me off because they are too lazy to play the game themselves. Isk in EVE is not hard to make…you just have to try.

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