new corp, good bye old friends!

i’ve  left the great people at the infinity trading corporation (i recommend them to any industrialist, missioner or trader in abudban, heimatar, minmatar) to join a more local corp in amarr space. i joined the 49th Imperial Crusade. this is only a two ma corp (including me!) thats only 11 days old. i fear the CEO may be a bit out of the loop as he does lvl 3 missions in a very badly fit harbinger. he uses, 6 medium lasers a tractor beam and a salvager (ok fair enough0, a cap recharger I medium shield booster and and a couple of hardeners (shield tank on amarr?! you’ve got to kidding?), then to hammer the nails in his coffin, he then fits a  medium armour repper I and a bunch of speed tank stuff and crap resistance plating!

so after lecturing the guy on basic tanking, i found out we had a lot in common in that we both were going to use harbingers and use imperial navy missions to make money then use the lp store. i cant remember the guys name unfortunately, but he’s in chicago! he also offers me 1 mill isk per person i invite who stays for more than a week. he will also allow me t access the corp hangar in a week so i can access any loot crystals he doesn’t want or use.

remember, i’m still poor after buying all those implants! give money only to tomovoni now please!



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