Blog traffic, that is the problem

how to raise the traffic on my blog? i’m still running my streak of at least one person looking at the blog  day, but… i’m literally only getting one person per day at the moment. i’ve entered a bit of a quite period where ll i can mention is the process of my skill training (which is goin pretty well!) and im not going onto the forums and advertising the blog. i’d like to thank eve bloggers for giving me this traffic that has kept me afloat. on the upside, i’m about to go back into the realm of missioning (albeit the dreaded level 1 s!!) but it should make for some more interesting reading than me talking about how i’ve got all the learning skills or how i can fly an arbitrator with T2 Gallente drones (whick i can now do! but i run an armour repairer?).


can anyone please tell me how to raise the traffic on my blog without advertising in forums or chatrooms ingame. i really want to get known so more people will take pity on me and give me isk, I mean… more people can take pleasure in reading my blog… (yeah that’ll satify the idiots who read this crap)

tomovoni (yeah, i dont use tovoni anymore because he’s now my alt!!)


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  1. Start by putting a link to your blog in your character bio in game.

    Next, well, you are already listed in the community OPML download and your blog is showing up on

    The only other thing you can do is continue to write articles on a regular basis and wait. I’ve been blogging for years and it really takes time to build traffic.

    Read other posts by bloggers and comment. The comments can generate traffic as well.

  2. What Ga’len said. And also search on Google for tips to get traffic to your blog. If you want something, study and then practice what you learn. Apply it to your Eve blog. Soon you’ll have more traffic than you know what to do with. And that will take you to the next stage, where you might even start advertising to make use of all that traffic. But not too much, ’cause you don’t want to drive people away by making them think you’re in it for the money. Provide a service to people in some way, whether that’s through entertaining them or educating them. Then they’ll come back for more.

  3. i’ve already said once…QUIT BEGGING FOR ISK!!!

    Like Alexia mentioned above, if you do too much advertising people might think you are in it only for the money, and not want to support you.

    Same goes for begging…could seem like you are in it for the isk…and make people not want to support you 😉

  4. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  5. I cannot believe this is true!

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