urghhhh!!!!! bloody level 1s!!

Oh my god!! i’d forgotten how boring it is to grind through level 1 missions. i’ve run over 10 of these missions and i still only have a 0.13 status with the amarr navy. it’s such bullshit!!! oh yeah and social doesn’t work, its supposed to give me standings but it never does. however. connections does work (very well actually).

a note on the new zephyr. it looks freaking nice!! tiny but i like the idea of it using a built in probe launcher. along with the fact that sleepers won’t attack the ship!!

i am still yet to meet the ceo of my corp a second time. he never seems to be on and i’ve talked to him about wat times he comes on but i still dont see him within the times he sets.


i’m now only a week away from using t2 armour hardeners!! something tovoni never managed to do!! i will hopefully also have level 2 by the end of the weekend.

oh yeah, it snowed!!! it hardly ever snows here in the north west. Global warming my arse!! its a government conspiracy to get mone… gag hurk…. blarh!! (strangled by government agent)



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  1. Normally, I’m not one to make this sort of comment, but since you asked, I’ll bite. You would probably get more readers if you stopped with the “MONEY BEG” comments, and made your blogs more readable (i.e. proper punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and etc).

    Your content is interesting (experiencing starting EVE all over again, through someone else’s eyes), but the begging certainly detracts from your chances of snagging further readers.

    *tovoni’s addon*
    the only reason i don’t usually have proper punctuation is because wordpress has a bit of a dodgy word-processing system. the spellcheck only works for the last 5 words or so so you have to edit it while your typing which often distracts my train of thought. i can use ipod to do it and get better spelling and gramar results but the keyboard is very tiny!
    and the begging, well hey, it sometimes works! Hadreu Aremo gave my another 5 mill yesterday, free isk is free isk. anyay i did heed the advice that it’s very distracting so i’ve stopped doing the massive essay on my poorness and reduced it to only BEG!

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