Extreme Traffic, and level 2s

Can anyone tell me why today i have had huge amounts of traffic. Today i broke my record for daily traffic, and i didn’t advertise in local or HMM! So yeah can anyone tell me why that happened.

In other news, i can now use level 2 agents again but I’d forgotten how much harder level 2s are than level 1s. Yeah they’re not that hard but it was the first time I’d done a mission that requires actual tanking in over a week. That and my tanking skills are pretty crap! It’s only a arbitrator!

But anyway in just over a week I’ll be able to use T2 armour hardeners, which will be  very useful  when  I move onto level 3 missions in my Harbinger.

Oh yeah. It also snowed again here in England!

NO MORE BEGS!! Refer to the Beg page for instructions on what to do.


2 Responses

  1. It might have something to do with you being listed in the OPML download I maintain as well as your blog being listed on evebloggers.com.


  2. Maybe it’s because you fixed your blog posts by removing the beg from them now 😀 Good on ya 😀

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