why did i choose this corp?!!?

That is the question i’ve been asking myself lately. The player-corp I’m in at the moment has a ceo in Chicago! I’m never going to meet him unless i stay up until about 2 o’clock in the morning! I really don’t fancy doing that!

And it’s not just the player corp that’s the problem! The Amarr Navy corp I mission for seems to have its agents more spread out than the Sisters of EvE! It seems that most of the agent are around the Amarr system but most of the mid quality agents (I.E. -16 – -5 & +4 – +16 quality) appear to be in low sec or null-sec thats over 15 jumps off! It’s bloody annoying! I’m contemplating changing to another mission corp but it took me half  a week of hardcore missioning to get here and i’m going to try to see this out. Or… I’ll just train up connections IV and do level 1s for a day and move immediately  into level 2s and 3s within  couple of days!

I’m also thinking of moving to a new corp in a week or so if this one doesn’t get more interesting. One of te really annoying things about the corp is that there’s supposed to be a hangar I can use in Nakri or something, but the hangar doesn’t exist.

Can someone refer me to a corp which either missions in high sec near in Amarr space or a wormhole corp. (yeah I never talk about my want to move to wormholes because I never get a chance to go in them so i never talk about them, but the Planet Risk show and other websites that rave about the fun to be had in them.

BE..  no wait.. i said i’d stop that. its in the beg page.



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  1. You could always…hmm…become a Ninja 😀

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