very erratic traffic! eh?

Well it is. it’s 11:30 and i’ve already got 19 views. yesterday though it was only 3 or 4 views! weird eh?

well that’s  picture of my blog traffic for the last couple weeks. very strange traffic pattern.

(yeah i know i spelt erratic wrong in the picture but it takes so long to write manually in the snippet tool with a laptop touchscreen).

I’m now also setting up new categories to make archiving this blog easier.

B.. (slaps himself)

and it continues to snow here in white England. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas indeed!


2 Responses

  1. Have you cross referenced the days of the spikes to when you post? You will often get more traffic on the day/day after you post then on days with no posting.

  2. yeah, apart from yesterday, my biggest spike was the day after i posted. but i posted it around midday i think so it wasn’t like any American players came on and saw it after midnight. But i take your point, but its still very spiky!

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