WordPress has a bit of a weird comment system, eh?

I’ve just discovered that the comment system in WordPress operates very strangely. I think, but don’t quote on this, if you approve someone’s comment a couple of times then any other comment they give will automatically be approved by the system. this is a bit annoying to me because it means I don’t see how many times someone’s commented, without actually manually checking. when someone’s never commented though it shows in the comments button but that’s the only time I ever see them manually.

not any real news but i had to get it out of my system.

But for actual eve news. I’m having a real annoying time with the corps. the agent gave  rock hard mission for my calibre. I might have found a corp for me. trouble is, they mission with the gallente federation and they seem to put a large amount of time into mining and they want everybody to eventually get into a hulk. another corp I’m interested in is the ‘Blue Republic’. Trouble is the only reason I fancy them is because of the PVP they do against the ‘Red Empire’. I’m still open to corporation recruitment ideas. can they preferably be EU timezones though.



2 Responses

  1. That setting can be easily changed. In your blog admin settings you can set whether not to comments are accepted after the author has been accepted before. It is found in Settings > Discussion in your wordpress admin area.

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