A move back to the arena

Well I have done that dreaded thing, trading! The last time I traded, people who read my first post know that the last time I tried this I lost about 1 million ISK. And back then, 1 million ISK was a lot of money to me. This time I’ve put far more money at risk, and to my great surprise, I made back the money, apart from my last investment, but i only just started that one about 10 minutes ago. So far, my best investments have been in armour repairer. I won’t tell you what modules exactly because I don’t want people nicking my trade, but so far, I’ve made back all the money and I’ve not sold all of it yet!My most recent investment has been in scan probes. These should give me about 50% profit.

The main reason I’m not missioning at the moment is that I got annoyed with the Amarr navy and I went off missions. I gave Tyler Mohaffy (My CEO) a weeks grace period for anything interesting to happen like, a new guy from an EU timezone or, him starting to play while I’m on.

I’m still open to recruitment ideas so send me a mail or a chat if you think you’ve got a corp I’ll like. Just be aware, I’ll be very unlikely to accept any corps that are too far outside the ‘Amarr’ system. Remember, wormholes are my favourite dream.



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