A recipe for success!

Well I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I just moved to Jita to do my trading, the cesspit of 0.01 isk undercutters. The new corp i hang out with now also lives a couple of jumps off Jita and I’ve become pretty friendly with most of them. I was invited to come along to a level 4 mission running op for money and standings for the Caldari navy, but i came on too late and didn’t have a ship ready. By the time i came in they were actually just salvaging the wrecks. Anyway, the trade in Jita seems to be going OK, I’m selling skillbooks, armour repairers, and scan probes.
Oh yeah, I didn’t say, this new corps called the brotherhood of fallen angels. Gang of about 9 people who I’ll join later today.
I also can now scan down hidden cosmic anomalies, signatures and other things like that with scan probes because I just trained up astrometrics III, along with astrometrics rangefinding. So far Ive managed to fully scan down a radar site that a friend from -BOFA- hacked/analysed (whichever, I forget) and got a couple of RAM (I think, the things that are used in invention. It gives much more runs than normal if you manage to invent the BPC.) anyway. He’s promised me about half the profit he makes from them which he reckons is about 10 mill isk at jita. I also then tried to scan down another gravimetric mining site (this is all just outside Jita while Im waiting for orders to fill.) I tried for an hour with 6 probes but it wouldn’t go above 50%.
Well, I think that’s about all the news for now. Just hoping all this trading is worth it.

Just an addon. Have you seen the new video tutorial on scanning from CCP. It’s very good and teaches you some good tips. Shame I already knew how to scan. But it’s still a good watch for a noob.


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