Indecisiveness is the bane of all money

Well i’m have to say, I’ve become very indecisive(? how do you spell it?).

Trading isn’t going well. I’m not losing money, but I’m barely making any. Jita really is the home of tthen undercutting scum of eve, and i fear I’ve become one. No matter what i trade about 10 minutes later its been outbidded.

This kind of monetary limbo has made me think about other forms of money while putting trading on the side. First thoughts were about becoming a wormhole person. I might still do that but in a corp operation. (BTW.These all revolve around scanning as I’m beggining to really get the hang of scanning with my system of 6 probes.) Then I thought about a miner for high sec gravimetric belts, i found one the other day in sobaseki that had omber, kernite and pristine jaspet. That sounded good apart from the whole part about mining. Then I thought about doing RADAR and magnetometric sites in empire for T2 components. I also know that they are profitable as a corpmate who can do RADAR sites managed to get about 10 million ISKs worth of ,.. um.. what ever he managed to get, and offed me half of it. another good thing about them is that i find tons of RADAR sites where I am, nearly one a day. Yeah it’s not tons, but 10 mill  a day is the best I’ve ever had. That’s probably the most realistic of my aims. it only needs a few days of training and i should be able to do it. LADAR sites aren’t really practical for me as, not only are they mining, they are also seldom found outside low or null sec space.

any recommendations on how to make money outside missions and mining.



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  1. You can solo C2 wormholes fairly easily. Not the best money ever but if you’re only making 10m a day then you should easily pull more from a C2. For C3 and above you’ll likely want to take a fleet, and they can be VERY profitable. I’d offer to let you fly with my fleet and see what it’s like, but we’re US TZ so that probably wouldn’t work.

    Another option for probing in highsec is complexes. You can pull 20m deadspace modules out of them fairly easily. They are rather low on the skill requirements too.

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