To hell with wormholes!

Quote from Garil Xolte:

You can solo C2 wormholes fairly easily. Not the best money ever but if you’re only making 10m a day then you should easily pull more from a C2. For C3 and above you’ll likely want to take a fleet, and they can be VERY profitable. I’d offer to let you fly with my fleet and see what it’s like, but we’re US TZ so that probably wouldn’t work.

Another option for probing in highsec is complexes. You can pull 20m deadspace modules out of them fairly easily. They are rather low on the skill requirements too.

I agree with everything you say but I have a few problems. I got pirated in a wormhole today! I found a high sec wormhole, class 2, and decided to go in.

currently due to my lack of hacking/archaeology/salvage skills, I’ve been telling my corpmates about any sites I’ve found and see if they want to do them. Ine person in the corp made about 100 mill in a RADAR site i told him about, he then promised to give me 4 or 5 mill. There’s also a miner industrialist in the corp who’d be interested in any gravimetric sites I find because he mines all his own stuff. he also mines in wormholes.

So I’m in this class 2, hanging by the WH, trying to find any grav sites for him, and a tengu (yeh, second time I’ve been killed by one!) come in and shoot me. Then he goes and pods me. I lose bout 30 mill in implants and get pissed off! So that’s why I’m going  into wormholes until I have secure income.

So after this unfortunate encounter, i went back to scanning high sec sites, and came across a DED 3/10 drone asteroid infestation. I thought what the hell and tried it out in my arbi. It was easy and i got about 1 mill off it. Not bad but I’ve had better. Like i said in my last post, I’m going to specialise in mag and RADAR sites with trading on the side.



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