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January 29, 2010

Right, it really is the end of an era. 2 whole days without any traffic on the blog-site. Why the fuck weren’t you reading it!!!?!?

That’ it. The end of this blog, I worked too hard to get this few reads a day!!

not really, I enjoy making the blog too much to quit it, and yes, I do know that you can read it in the RSS feed without the site being trafficked, but t was nice!

well. Back to whining about not having money and having no ships or anything!

As punishment for not visiting the blog:



Back from camping
January 24, 2010

Well I’m back from camping and once I can be bothered to do missions, I’ll quickly be onto level 3 missions. Then it’s probably only another week or two until I’m doing level 4s.
It’s only about a week of training untill I can use the passive setup I have planned. After that I’ll be soloing the level 4s at lightning speed.
In the mean time I’m off on Tuesday untill friday so I need a long skill queue setup because I won’t be edit while I’m away. The answer? Gallente Cruiser V! I obviously won’t train it all at once. I’ll slowly train it in segments. So a week here, then another 2 when I go skiing in February. Don’t know when I’ll finish it, but once I have, that’ll be a major hurdle towards the Ishtar/phobos I’ve got plans for.
While I’m away untill Friday though, I’m relying on YOU! Yes you. To look at the blog everyday so that graph never touches 0 visits. Then do the same for 2 weeks after 11th February when I go skiing and then some time in either late May or early June when I go to Belgium. I’ll confirm the date later.

4 mill skillpoints!
January 21, 2010

Read the title, it explains it pretty well I reckon.

updated the clone.



Supercarriers: Does it affect me?
January 20, 2010

In all likeliness, no. Supercarriers are restricted to an area of space that I probably wont go to for months. Still cool to think that they can out shoot a dreadnaught.

On the devblog side, I was greatly amused by the 554, BANTAMS, that have been killed by the new directed titan doomsday!

I’m also now only a couple of days away from flying a myrmidon and doing level 3 missions. Then it’s another week until i can use a passive tanked version of it.

Other than that small segment of info, I’ve got nothing more to say. 554 BANTAMS!!!!! LOL!!


CCP, I want better graphics. At least give me 3D!
January 19, 2010

I went into town today to watch AVATAR in 3D. FUCK YEAH! it looks photo realistic 90% of the time, the remaining 10% is still the best I’ve ever seen! shame that only half the movie seems to have the characters in 3D. Most of the time they are just one image on screen not 2 (when i take the glasses off). Can someone plese tell me if the humans are actual actors or if the entire movie is computer generated.


No spending = smaller wallet. Wait…. WHAT?!?!
January 17, 2010

Well (do I start every blog like this?) I’m slowly becoming broke. I’m barely spending any money and I still lose it. I’m still a poor sod with 30 mill in the coffers missioning his balls off to lose all the money on buying a shuttle, or new t2 drone. And then I have to sit back and watch corpmates who started a month ago make up to 100 mill a day!
The wormhole op I was supposed to be doing seems to have gone underground, as I’ve not had a mail from the leader in a week and noones said anything about it. I’m still being forced to grind level 2s in an arbitrator and wait until Monday to simply have gallente frigate V. And then it’s another week until I can fly anything t2. Once I have frig V though I’ll train for a myrmidon for level 3s on a passive tank.
On the nicer side of life I recently just managed to get some epic stangings boost with a storyline missions as I can now use +11 agents instead of my old -16 one.
The other day I also wasted about 4 mill by trying to manufacture on tovoni because he has industry V. I then realised that the minerals costs were more expensive than the selling prices. But like an idiot I bought them first, checked later. So to try and cut off those prices starduste kindly did the job for me and gave me the remaining minerals back to sell. But I haven’t seen him lately so I haven’t got the vexor, or the bpc back!
Anyway, like I say, I’m once again broke and making crap money.
Tomovoni, and tovoni I suppose now he’s out of hibernation. Glad I kept him now!

Also. Probs, (props? Whichever) to the people who visit my blog everyday regardless of there being new posts. You keep the moral up here at.. At.. Um carebear headquarters, nah it can’t be that, to few tears.

A warm fuzzy feeling inside.
January 10, 2010

This is just a quick post I feel compelled to put send out.
I was just looking at the stats section of my blog, and I noticed Fridays search engine traffic. Usually there’s just one or two references and there’re just someone looking for something else but the blog came up and they clicked. Somebody found me because they were looking for a gravimetric scanning tutorial, but someone had searched ‘memoirs of a carebear’.
It just made me feel special that someone was looking for me.

A move into wormholes, hopefully no welping
January 9, 2010

Well this time I’m not going solo. And I won’t be in the direct firing line. One of the CEOs of a member corp of our alliance is conducting a short-term WH op in a Class 1 or 2 WH. Luckily I shouldn’t feature as a target of the sleepers because I’ll be acting as a scout looking for the WHs and the sites we’ll be doing. Because we are mainly an industrial alliance we will be doing mostly gravimetric sites and maybe LADAR. we might do a couple of sleeper or Magnetometric/RADAR sites but that won’t be high on the agenda. Kyorinkai, (the leader of the op, I hope that’s how you spell it), said he’s trying to encourage my CEO to give the Orca a spin in the WH if I remember correctly. Either way, the current plan for my part in this op is that I go in with the team in my Arbitratorthis weekend or next, and scout out sites for them. In about 3 weeks I’ll also be able to fly a Helios with a ‘Covert Ops cloaking device II’ so I’ll be in, near, complete safety scanning for sites for the ‘op-mates’. In the meantime, I will have to wait a while for my ideal scanning setup.

After I train Frigate V, I’ll train for the for a cloaking device as I have to train electronic upgrades V before I can train Covert Ops so that’s another week of training. To fly Assault Ships I have to wait another week of training after all that and I need at least another week to get into interceptors.

Hopefully this whole WH op makes the alliance, and of course me, alot of money. I already have my long term plan sorted out. Train up Gallente Cruiser V and then train for a Phobos, or I may go for a Ishtar for running missions with a shield tank. The advantage of a Phobos is that it is very useful if I ever try to apply to a 0.0 alliance. It also has a massive tank while being able to do nice DPS, perfect for WHs!

In the meantime, I wait in eager anticipation of the great Covert Ops frigates


O yeah, getting Covert Ops means I can fly the Nemesis stealth bomber. Yarr!!!!

Only 12 days to go, and then another load of level 5s to train!
January 6, 2010

Well the name should describe it. I have to wait about another 12 days before I have Gallente frigate V and then i have to train engineering and mechanic to V before i can train Assault Ships and get into the good old Ishkur. After that ill probably train the skill to IV maybe V and the move onto the Gallente cruisers and advanced cruisers in a few months. I plan to use a shield tanked Ishtar on the corp level 4 mission grinds and for wormhole operations. A small group from the alliance 9yeah, we’re in an alliance if I haven’t said, the Etherium Cartel), which I hope to be included in, are planning to enter a lower class wormhole for a while to conduct a money making exercise with a POS and some miners.

Why the Ishkur for running complexes and exploration sites? It has a nice powergrid and CPU for my needs, I’ve run the setup on EFT and even with my current skills I’m left with plenty of powergrid and CPU to spare to I could even use T2 equipment could I fit it. The ship i also faster than a cruiser, less signature radius than a cruiser, better resists than a cruier, and is cap stable running all the attack and defence equipment, but I’d struggle to run the hacking/salvaging/archaeology modules at the same time, but hey, I’d clear out a room first anyway. You could argue that the cargohold is less, but it wouldnt take half the time to take it to a station and drop off the goods.

On the snow situation, it’s not snowed a tall today as the snow-belt has moved south. There was some good snow though and I met a few mates on their sledges. We then nicked a cut-open plastic green bin and went down the slopes, and a dodgy ramp on that. We luckily didn’t get hurt by this suicide attempt

January 5, 2010

Completely un-EVE related but I felt i had to share this with the world. It has snowed around 6 inches here in the anti-snow areas of Britain. It’s so heavy that we’re worried it may cause the power or telephone wires to cut-out. now that would not be good for paying EVE. Especially since  I’ve got a 1 day 12 hours skill queue to keep up and it could take a long time for the cables to go back up.

In actual EVE news I’ve thrown Amarr in the gutter and pursued my capsuling career in Gallente ships. I’m now training Gallent frigate up to V to fly the Ishkur, it should be about 15 days until i can fly it where it will become my new exploration ship for doing complexes as  it is nimble, fast, and it can also become a small, cheap PVP ship should i care to lose it.