The end of an era

Well it may well be the end of a prostigious and proud era of blogging. For me anyway. I’m not Tain but I think I may have finally had a day with noone viewing the blog. I’ll admit it’s probably my fault as I haven’t blogged in days meaning I haven’t shown up on the rss feed. But nontheless. I’m still horrified and disgusted by each and everyone of my regular readers for not keeping that count up. (If it turns out I had traffic. I take that back. Your all swell guys)

But for actual news, I’m still trying to scrape an existance in eve by trading on the side while running complexes in my lowly arbitrator. This however has become much less safe as recently, my Corp was wardecced by a small 2 man Corp with a member with some obvious PVP experience named, Kahnne. This bastard also pod kills. Kahnne, if for some coincidence you read this. I meant that! So far him and his T2 drone and neuting dominix has taken the life of Uldamar’s dominix and someone else’s megathron plus their pod.
Last night we were supposed to do a large mining op somewhere around Korama but it was semi-called off because this guy was online and kicking aroud our area so we thought it risky to do it. We did have a few people willing to act as protection against him (me included, I was going to be a tackler) but we didn’t have enough battleships to take him out. We then discussed doing a hunting op to take him out. Trouble was I couldn’t get to my ship as jita had been locked down, so I had to go to sobaseki and pickup ragtag gear to fit together a punisher suitable for a gang. To annoy me further, we all tried to get on evevoice to talk but sod’s law dictated I would be tortured by everyone but me having a working talk button. So I’m sat here listening to everyone get to know each other and I’m pressing every talk button i can select in the options in futile desperation for it to work.
Then it turns out he had logged off just after I’d finally got the pieces together for my punisher. “mining op?” calls squad leader, Pesky
Tonight there’s supposed to be a PVP op going on and godhelp my keyboard manufacturer if it doesn’t work.


2 Responses

  1. Hits don’t mean much with blogs. I follow your blog, and most other EVE blogs in my RSS reader. I don’t have the ability to literally visit the site for each of them, yet I manage to keep up with them all the same via the magic of RSS, none of which shows a hit on the blog itself.

    My suggestion is to turn your RSS feed in to a feedburner feed, and replace your existing feed with it. Feedburner will give you stats on how many people are subscribed to your feed etc

  2. Great information! Thanks!

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