Completely un-EVE related but I felt i had to share this with the world. It has snowed around 6 inches here in the anti-snow areas of Britain. It’s so heavy that we’re worried it may cause the power or telephone wires to cut-out. now that would not be good for paying EVE. Especially since  I’ve got a 1 day 12 hours skill queue to keep up and it could take a long time for the cables to go back up.

In actual EVE news I’ve thrown Amarr in the gutter and pursued my capsuling career in Gallente ships. I’m now training Gallent frigate up to V to fly the Ishkur, it should be about 15 days until i can fly it where it will become my new exploration ship for doing complexes as  it is nimble, fast, and it can also become a small, cheap PVP ship should i care to lose it.



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  1. Hey, I’m in a non-snow part of Britain myself and nothing to report here yet! Poole and Bournemouth. Sunny but cold. BRING ON THE SNOW!

    And as far ditching Amarr, I’m Gallente myself and the Ishkur is a nice AF, however for doing exploration sites I still like my Curse.

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