Only 12 days to go, and then another load of level 5s to train!

Well the name should describe it. I have to wait about another 12 days before I have Gallente frigate V and then i have to train engineering and mechanic to V before i can train Assault Ships and get into the good old Ishkur. After that ill probably train the skill to IV maybe V and the move onto the Gallente cruisers and advanced cruisers in a few months. I plan to use a shield tanked Ishtar on the corp level 4 mission grinds and for wormhole operations. A small group from the alliance 9yeah, we’re in an alliance if I haven’t said, the Etherium Cartel), which I hope to be included in, are planning to enter a lower class wormhole for a while to conduct a money making exercise with a POS and some miners.

Why the Ishkur for running complexes and exploration sites? It has a nice powergrid and CPU for my needs, I’ve run the setup on EFT and even with my current skills I’m left with plenty of powergrid and CPU to spare to I could even use T2 equipment could I fit it. The ship i also faster than a cruiser, less signature radius than a cruiser, better resists than a cruier, and is cap stable running all the attack and defence equipment, but I’d struggle to run the hacking/salvaging/archaeology modules at the same time, but hey, I’d clear out a room first anyway. You could argue that the cargohold is less, but it wouldnt take half the time to take it to a station and drop off the goods.

On the snow situation, it’s not snowed a tall today as the snow-belt has moved south. There was some good snow though and I met a few mates on their sledges. We then nicked a cut-open plastic green bin and went down the slopes, and a dodgy ramp on that. We luckily didn’t get hurt by this suicide attempt


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