A move into wormholes, hopefully no welping

Well this time I’m not going solo. And I won’t be in the direct firing line. One of the CEOs of a member corp of our alliance is conducting a short-term WH op in a Class 1 or 2 WH. Luckily I shouldn’t feature as a target of the sleepers because I’ll be acting as a scout looking for the WHs and the sites we’ll be doing. Because we are mainly an industrial alliance we will be doing mostly gravimetric sites and maybe LADAR. we might do a couple of sleeper or Magnetometric/RADAR sites but that won’t be high on the agenda. Kyorinkai, (the leader of the op, I hope that’s how you spell it), said he’s trying to encourage my CEO to give the Orca a spin in the WH if I remember correctly. Either way, the current plan for my part in this op is that I go in with the team in my Arbitratorthis weekend or next, and scout out sites for them. In about 3 weeks I’ll also be able to fly a Helios with a ‘Covert Ops cloaking device II’ so I’ll be in, near, complete safety scanning for sites for the ‘op-mates’. In the meantime, I will have to wait a while for my ideal scanning setup.

After I train Frigate V, I’ll train for the for a cloaking device as I have to train electronic upgrades V before I can train Covert Ops so that’s another week of training. To fly Assault Ships I have to wait another week of training after all that and I need at least another week to get into interceptors.

Hopefully this whole WH op makes the alliance, and of course me, alot of money. I already have my long term plan sorted out. Train up Gallente Cruiser V and then train for a Phobos, or I may go for a Ishtar for running missions with a shield tank. The advantage of a Phobos is that it is very useful if I ever try to apply to a 0.0 alliance. It also has a massive tank while being able to do nice DPS, perfect for WHs!

In the meantime, I wait in eager anticipation of the great Covert Ops frigates


O yeah, getting Covert Ops means I can fly the Nemesis stealth bomber. Yarr!!!!


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