No spending = smaller wallet. Wait…. WHAT?!?!

Well (do I start every blog like this?) I’m slowly becoming broke. I’m barely spending any money and I still lose it. I’m still a poor sod with 30 mill in the coffers missioning his balls off to lose all the money on buying a shuttle, or new t2 drone. And then I have to sit back and watch corpmates who started a month ago make up to 100 mill a day!
The wormhole op I was supposed to be doing seems to have gone underground, as I’ve not had a mail from the leader in a week and noones said anything about it. I’m still being forced to grind level 2s in an arbitrator and wait until Monday to simply have gallente frigate V. And then it’s another week until I can fly anything t2. Once I have frig V though I’ll train for a myrmidon for level 3s on a passive tank.
On the nicer side of life I recently just managed to get some epic stangings boost with a storyline missions as I can now use +11 agents instead of my old -16 one.
The other day I also wasted about 4 mill by trying to manufacture on tovoni because he has industry V. I then realised that the minerals costs were more expensive than the selling prices. But like an idiot I bought them first, checked later. So to try and cut off those prices starduste kindly did the job for me and gave me the remaining minerals back to sell. But I haven’t seen him lately so I haven’t got the vexor, or the bpc back!
Anyway, like I say, I’m once again broke and making crap money.
Tomovoni, and tovoni I suppose now he’s out of hibernation. Glad I kept him now!

Also. Probs, (props? Whichever) to the people who visit my blog everyday regardless of there being new posts. You keep the moral up here at.. At.. Um carebear headquarters, nah it can’t be that, to few tears.


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