Supercarriers: Does it affect me?

In all likeliness, no. Supercarriers are restricted to an area of space that I probably wont go to for months. Still cool to think that they can out shoot a dreadnaught.

On the devblog side, I was greatly amused by the 554, BANTAMS, that have been killed by the new directed titan doomsday!

I’m also now only a couple of days away from flying a myrmidon and doing level 3 missions. Then it’s another week until i can use a passive tanked version of it.

Other than that small segment of info, I’ve got nothing more to say. 554 BANTAMS!!!!! LOL!!



2 Responses

  1. The Bantam #’s were from the old Doomsday “AOE” weapon. The Thanatos is the #1 victim of the new focused Doomsday.

  2. You kinda read that wrong…

    the bantams were killed with the OLD style doomsday…there were no bantams on the stats for the new version.

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