Back from camping

Well I’m back from camping and once I can be bothered to do missions, I’ll quickly be onto level 3 missions. Then it’s probably only another week or two until I’m doing level 4s.
It’s only about a week of training untill I can use the passive setup I have planned. After that I’ll be soloing the level 4s at lightning speed.
In the mean time I’m off on Tuesday untill friday so I need a long skill queue setup because I won’t be edit while I’m away. The answer? Gallente Cruiser V! I obviously won’t train it all at once. I’ll slowly train it in segments. So a week here, then another 2 when I go skiing in February. Don’t know when I’ll finish it, but once I have, that’ll be a major hurdle towards the Ishtar/phobos I’ve got plans for.
While I’m away untill Friday though, I’m relying on YOU! Yes you. To look at the blog everyday so that graph never touches 0 visits. Then do the same for 2 weeks after 11th February when I go skiing and then some time in either late May or early June when I go to Belgium. I’ll confirm the date later.


3 Responses

  1. As long as you have timeless info on your blog they keep coming :). And there’s always the people that are a few days behind with reading.

    Well gratz on almost having a Battleship, I’m currently training for maxing my Battlecruiser fit after that I’m going to either go for Minmatar BS or cross-train for Caldari BS (So I can fly a golem).


    • you mean gratz on BC right?
      good luck on the month of training for caldari battleship V1 🙂

      • I probably misread it, gratz on BC then indeed.

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