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Leaving you…
February 28, 2010

Well,  I did manage to get a level 3 mission done yesterday and it was the true show that my tank has failings. At least it has until I rig it later today. The mission forced me to warp out 2 times but then I’d managed to wipe out most of the battlecruisers.

But more to the point. Recently my posts have just been me posting to keep the ammount of people on the site looking, but I don’t really have any news because yesterday was the first time I’d logged on in 2 weeks! Cut to the chase, I’m going to take a short hiatus from blogging here until I actually have some news to report. 



5 million SP! And a half…
February 23, 2010

Yeah. This is a celebration of the momentous occasion of reaching 5 million SP. And I reached that number several days ago. Shame i missed the occasion because i was skiing. Regardless, it’s still nice to be able to say i reached that nice little number. I’m now only 10 days off Drone interfacing V. when that finishes though, I’m not sure what I’ll move onto next. I’m slowly running out of useful skills to train that I’ll use in the near future, I could train up Gallente Drone Specialisation, but that has little good use to me except for T2 heavy drones. And I could train up Heavy Drone Operation, but I’d probably never use heavies in a mission as they move too slow.

Can someone lend me some advice to what i can train for  passive shield tank myrmidon?


Call me Shitty
February 20, 2010

I’m back from my little skiing holiday, and, I’ve become universally known as Shitty, or Shitboy. Why? Because I did that awful tabooed thing of having a shit on the coach toilet.

Other than that small thing I  had a great time skiing in Switzerland and looking at the Sherlock Holmes statue in Meiringen.

I obviously don’t have that much EVE news to report as I’ve been away other than, I’m back, the new expansion has been announced, and I’ve got t wait another 2 weeks for drone interfacing V


Keep reading dammit!
February 11, 2010

Alright. I’m going away for 8 days to go skiing in Switzerland. I won’t be able to blog up there. Keep reading the blog dammit and don’t let me see a day of noone looking at the site! And don’t say I should get feedburner!

Anyway. I’ve tried out the new fit for the myrmidon in Unauthorized Military Access, and… it works great! Ok, it is one of the easier missons but the shields never dipped below 88% even when I had 8 guristas cruisers trying to pop me! And that’s without shield management, or any rigs! the only problem with the setup was that the saboteurs kept using ECM on me so it was hard for me to coordinate my drones. But hey! I still did it in good time.

Like I said in the last blog, (or at least I think I did…), I’ll be training ‘Drone Interfacing V’ while I’m away. the skill should be half trained when I get back so I won’t have to wait long to get my hands on some serious damage from my Hobgoblin IIs!

Other than that I’ve not really got anything more to say, apart form I may get a +3 memory implant to train interfacing V a little faster.


Can i stop ising cap now?
February 9, 2010

I have most the skills I need for my passive shield tank drake now. When I run up the numbers on EFT and my current tank is a shade better than my current armour setup. The major advantage is that this is not my final setup. With a day of training I can reach the full potential of my tank, bar having lots of V skills and officer mods and T2 rigs. My current setup just has resistance amplifiers power relays and large extenders (all T2 of course). Then in a couple of days I can use T2 invuln fields and T1 rigs to get a tank of about 500 according to EFT.
Of course, because I’m leaving very early on Friday. I don’t have the time to setup comolicated skill queues so I can’t train those skills.
Instead I’m focussing on drone interfacing V. This pits me on a fairly tight schedule though as i’ll have 2 hours to fit the skill in before I’ll have to get to sleep if I want to wake up early enough to get on the coach to go skiing. Training this skill however will nearly my drone DPS because I only have interfacing level III at the momenent.
A quick background on the skiing.
I went on this same trip last year and had alot of fun doing it. One of the most amusing parts though was the coach trip. Instead of the classic image of two boys having the heads on each others shoulders, we gad too much pride to be caught in these pictures. (Well, some people did). Instead the people who wanted to go to sleep left the haven of their seats and slept on the floor. It’s more amusing than imaginable having to step across poeple who are actually asleep to get to the coach toilet that didn’t have a working light so you had to to take a torch or leave the door ajar letting pervs watch you crap! while the bus is moving!
Myself ofcourse make a habit of not falling asleep on a moving vehicle. Even if I’m on it for 26 hours.

To run faster, is to finish faster
February 6, 2010

Well, (yeah! You haven’t heard that one beginning a blog in a while!) like i said in the last post, I’m now able to do level 3s again. but this time round i have much better skills and I am yet to have to warp out on a mission to get repairs for the ship mid-fight. the T2 repairers I use are really showing their worth. so far, I’ve only had to engage the second repairer once, and that was against mercenarys with a Guristas hardener setup. I’m still only using my trusty hobgoblin IIs that anything and everything faster than… than… um… a really fast killing machine?

Anyway, I’m now beginning to train for T2 passive shield equipment so i can create a badass amazing machine with unheard of tank. I’m currently perfecting  the tank in EFT and making sure it can even do level 4s!

Also, thanks to HazyShade for 15,000,000 ISK! You really made the whole buying T2 thing possible


All’s fair in love and war
February 1, 2010

Honestly eve. Can you go just a few days without someone cocking up?
In the larger alliance side. Goonswarm seem to have cocked up and not been able to pay for their alliance. Then the shrewd sirmolle sent in the troops to nick the goons systems. (Incase I never said, I HATE goonswarm after what they did to bob.) some goons may cry foul at this way of taking systems, but you nicked three regions by killing the alliance you bastards. So stuck that in your pipe and smoke it.
On my side of eve, my Corp seems to be stuck in a kind of warfare limbo. At the start of the day I thought we were going to war with another Corp because they attacked some of our friends, (not in the alliance though.) so I head off to the place we were going to fight in. Then only to be told we’re nit going to enter the war unless the aggressors bring in their friends, because aparently the victims don’t want to start a huge war withthe Russians. I have however been told that, should this escalate, we have capital support if we manage to lure the aggressors into low sec. Frankly, I’d kindof like a massive war with the Russians because, if it got really big, not only may I get more exiting stories to tell, it could really increase my traffic on this blog.
In the non-war side of eve, I’ve recently blown all my cash on a brand-spanking new myrmidon and run my first level 3 in it. Ah, it flies soo much better than tovoni’s ever did. Ok. I think it was one of the easiest level 3s with a crap agent. But the cap never wavered and I only needed one repper. Trouble is. I have 2 mill in the bank now:(
Ah well, level 3s should fix that.