All’s fair in love and war

Honestly eve. Can you go just a few days without someone cocking up?
In the larger alliance side. Goonswarm seem to have cocked up and not been able to pay for their alliance. Then the shrewd sirmolle sent in the troops to nick the goons systems. (Incase I never said, I HATE goonswarm after what they did to bob.) some goons may cry foul at this way of taking systems, but you nicked three regions by killing the alliance you bastards. So stuck that in your pipe and smoke it.
On my side of eve, my Corp seems to be stuck in a kind of warfare limbo. At the start of the day I thought we were going to war with another Corp because they attacked some of our friends, (not in the alliance though.) so I head off to the place we were going to fight in. Then only to be told we’re nit going to enter the war unless the aggressors bring in their friends, because aparently the victims don’t want to start a huge war withthe Russians. I have however been told that, should this escalate, we have capital support if we manage to lure the aggressors into low sec. Frankly, I’d kindof like a massive war with the Russians because, if it got really big, not only may I get more exiting stories to tell, it could really increase my traffic on this blog.
In the non-war side of eve, I’ve recently blown all my cash on a brand-spanking new myrmidon and run my first level 3 in it. Ah, it flies soo much better than tovoni’s ever did. Ok. I think it was one of the easiest level 3s with a crap agent. But the cap never wavered and I only needed one repper. Trouble is. I have 2 mill in the bank now:(
Ah well, level 3s should fix that.


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