To run faster, is to finish faster

Well, (yeah! You haven’t heard that one beginning a blog in a while!) like i said in the last post, I’m now able to do level 3s again. but this time round i have much better skills and I am yet to have to warp out on a mission to get repairs for the ship mid-fight. the T2 repairers I use are really showing their worth. so far, I’ve only had to engage the second repairer once, and that was against mercenarys with a Guristas hardener setup. I’m still only using my trusty hobgoblin IIs that anything and everything faster than… than… um… a really fast killing machine?

Anyway, I’m now beginning to train for T2 passive shield equipment so i can create a badass amazing machine with unheard of tank. I’m currently perfecting  the tank in EFT and making sure it can even do level 4s!

Also, thanks to HazyShade for 15,000,000 ISK! You really made the whole buying T2 thing possible



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