Can i stop ising cap now?

I have most the skills I need for my passive shield tank drake now. When I run up the numbers on EFT and my current tank is a shade better than my current armour setup. The major advantage is that this is not my final setup. With a day of training I can reach the full potential of my tank, bar having lots of V skills and officer mods and T2 rigs. My current setup just has resistance amplifiers power relays and large extenders (all T2 of course). Then in a couple of days I can use T2 invuln fields and T1 rigs to get a tank of about 500 according to EFT.
Of course, because I’m leaving very early on Friday. I don’t have the time to setup comolicated skill queues so I can’t train those skills.
Instead I’m focussing on drone interfacing V. This pits me on a fairly tight schedule though as i’ll have 2 hours to fit the skill in before I’ll have to get to sleep if I want to wake up early enough to get on the coach to go skiing. Training this skill however will nearly my drone DPS because I only have interfacing level III at the momenent.
A quick background on the skiing.
I went on this same trip last year and had alot of fun doing it. One of the most amusing parts though was the coach trip. Instead of the classic image of two boys having the heads on each others shoulders, we gad too much pride to be caught in these pictures. (Well, some people did). Instead the people who wanted to go to sleep left the haven of their seats and slept on the floor. It’s more amusing than imaginable having to step across poeple who are actually asleep to get to the coach toilet that didn’t have a working light so you had to to take a torch or leave the door ajar letting pervs watch you crap! while the bus is moving!
Myself ofcourse make a habit of not falling asleep on a moving vehicle. Even if I’m on it for 26 hours.


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