Keep reading dammit!

Alright. I’m going away for 8 days to go skiing in Switzerland. I won’t be able to blog up there. Keep reading the blog dammit and don’t let me see a day of noone looking at the site! And don’t say I should get feedburner!

Anyway. I’ve tried out the new fit for the myrmidon in Unauthorized Military Access, and… it works great! Ok, it is one of the easier missons but the shields never dipped below 88% even when I had 8 guristas cruisers trying to pop me! And that’s without shield management, or any rigs! the only problem with the setup was that the saboteurs kept using ECM on me so it was hard for me to coordinate my drones. But hey! I still did it in good time.

Like I said in the last blog, (or at least I think I did…), I’ll be training ‘Drone Interfacing V’ while I’m away. the skill should be half trained when I get back so I won’t have to wait long to get my hands on some serious damage from my Hobgoblin IIs!

Other than that I’ve not really got anything more to say, apart form I may get a +3 memory implant to train interfacing V a little faster.



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