5 million SP! And a half…

Yeah. This is a celebration of the momentous occasion of reaching 5 million SP. And I reached that number several days ago. Shame i missed the occasion because i was skiing. Regardless, it’s still nice to be able to say i reached that nice little number. I’m now only 10 days off Drone interfacing V. when that finishes though, I’m not sure what I’ll move onto next. I’m slowly running out of useful skills to train that I’ll use in the near future, I could train up Gallente Drone Specialisation, but that has little good use to me except for T2 heavy drones. And I could train up Heavy Drone Operation, but I’d probably never use heavies in a mission as they move too slow.

Can someone lend me some advice to what i can train for  passive shield tank myrmidon?



2 Responses

  1. FWIW fly your myrmidon as an active armor tank…a double repping Myrmidon is a VERY nice boat. Go for sentry drones with a Dominix they really do put down impressive DPS, hell at that rate Heavy Orge II’s still scare the crap outta most ppl.

    • yes i see what your saying, but a passive myrmidon can have a MASSIVE tank, with very little in the way of skill training, just using 3 t2 extenders and 6 t2 power relays , it has a recharge rate of 136hp/s (thats from the fitting screen stats) and i dont even have shield management. When rigged and with shield management 4 it can tank level 4 missions without even moving.

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