Im back. Maybe

Well, this might just be a one-off post but I do actually have some stuff to blog about.
For the past few weeks I’ve been off I’ve barely been on and I’ve just trained up my skills to 6.3 mill SP. but over the last couple if days I’ve got back into playing and done a few missions, but more importantly, I’ve got back into WHs.
Unfortunately, it takes me forever to scan because: 1) I’m out of practise. And 2) my skills aren’t really great outside of using the imicus (gallente scanning ship). So ive put some scanning skills in the queue.
More annoyingly though, I’m having trouble finding a suitable WH. I’ve been scouring high sec for hours at a time ussuskly only to find LADAR sites, gravimetric sites, and inhabited WHs that i don’t fancy. I did once find an uninhabited class 1 but there were no combat sites and all I found was more wormholes and ladar sites!
But the actual news really is that I’m in a new Corp. Or I’m at least in the stasis period of removing my roles so I can join. This new Corp, Locusts, are a more PVP and combat oriented Corp than BOFA, and also have a dedicated WH group on a class 3 WH.
More intriguingly, they are also about to join a 0.0 alliance in the NC. Also, my new CEO is British. Regretably from Yorkshire but what can you do? It’s the war of the roses all over again seeing as how I’m from Lancashire.
But that, was the first real blog I’ve done for ages. Not just an update in my skills or how I lost a frigate in a mission. And with a new 0.0 corp, who knows, maybe all my following posts will be proper blogs?
Oh. This is also a sad blog because to join this Corp I’ve had to quit tovoni from the infinity trading corperation, which is also under new management as starduste has quit eve and handed the Corp over to Michia Kaiko. Good luck abvard in life, and good luck michia in the ruling of that good old Corp!


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