I didn’t die! But at a cost…

I found one! a class 1 wormhole with a combat site in it! And i survived! But alot of Hobgoblin IIs died in the process, completely negating all profits made.

The full story is that I was in some system I can’t remember next to tsunguwa in a imicus scanning ship when i found this WH. It was a K162 but it said it only went to Unknown Space, which means Class 1,2,or 3. I think, great, if its a class 1 ill definately do it, class 2 I’ll look on eve-survival first, then do a site. If it’s class 3, well it’s probably already got a pos in it. I go in, check the directional, it’s empty, booyah! I check the locus signature and find it’s a class 1. WOOT! I think, a great way to get me started, i scan for a site, lo and behold, one combat site and few signatures, great, I’ll get the myrm. So I bring the myrmidon in and go to the first site, (a phase catlyst node), just 4 frigates and four sirius sentries, my first thought is to go after he sentries because I’d read that they do lots of damage. because I’m in a myrmidon with a passive shield tank and lots of drones skills, I’m obviously going to use drones, so the sleepers do what they famously do, they started to shoot the drones, Quick return to drone bay you stupid, slow gallente drones! I lose a couple of them. Once the aggro returns to me, I let them back out again on the sentries. After about the second time I retracted them though I noticed something interesting, the sentries never changed aggro to drones. I think to myself, well, the tank’s holding, lets take out the pesky frigates and save the drones. So I start to shoot the frigates which slowly begin to melt under the drones. Then I hit the trigger sleeper, so now I’ve got 3 cruisers bearing down on me. Alright, lets take out this last frigate who’s webbing me and get onto the cruisers. All this time the sleepers change targets so I have to take the drones in. but i was smart enough to notice it takes about 2 seconds between the target change and the actual firing on the drones, so I became proficient at noticing the change to yellow flashing and drawing the drones in so they only take a couple missile hits. So finally took out the last cruiser which, incidentally, was the trigger, which bring in another 9 frigates. I kissed my drones good bye because I knew that the light missiles they use can catch up to drone very quickly. So finally kill them all and salvage every wreck while sending the drones to safely take out the sentries.
Now I missed out a tiny detail at the start. I’d come into this wormhole about 2 hours earlier and logged off, knowing full well that the wormhole was reaching the end of it’s natural lifecycle. I’d only risked this because I knew it was a class 1 and I figured there was a very high chance of the next exit being to high sec. So I’m finished at this site and I don’t want to risk any more drones, so I warp to my safespot ( the site of the old wormhole). Then I have to scan one down, I find Lots of gravimetric sites. At least 4 of them, 3 of them having arkonor. Anyway, sods law dictates that the last site I scan down I’d the WH, but it goes to high sec. Bingo. I go through and find I’m about 27 jumps from jita, but 7 from dodixie. But to get anywhere I have to travel through 2 low sec systems. Ah damn, right, let’s do this quick and effic… Ah crap my passive tank means I have no cap. Uh, wait fir 5 mins halfway through a jump to a stargate. And I’m out. Disable the tank to get the cap and we’re off!
So when I’m at dodixie I relax and buy dome cheap warrior Is because they are fast, and sleepers have even resists apparently.

I’m in a new Corp btw. Called the locusts they are a Corp based more around PVP as they are actually going to join *********. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention this as it may be sensitive. I’ll clear it with Bret ( my new CEO). All I’ll say fir now is that they are holding space and have slot of people backing them up.
More to interests though is that they have an operational WH team in a class 3 WH. Once they have an opening near to me I’ll go through to them and make a name for myself. I’ve also been recommended by one of the members to train up for gas harvestors as they say they don’t always get combat sites and sometimes just Ladar or grav sites.
Well I’ll keep you posted on the news as it comes from a newly revived blogger!


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