More money!

Well the wormholes continue to give me more money. And in my travels I’ve come across an interesting statistic. I lose about a third of my drones on every site I go to. Now this sucks because it means I can do about 3 sites before I needto travel back to highsec to restock myself. To try and negate this I’ve started to train up drone durability to try and have enough hitpoints for them to get back to the dronebay before they get popped.
The highlight of today’s WH experiences though was the actaul profit I made. Only losing about 150k on drones, because they were warrior Is not T2, and making about 5 mill in about an hour. A personal record! Yeah it’s shit but hey, I don’t that much, may I refer you to the ‘beg’ page ofthe blog?
But anyway that was only 1 and half C1 sites. I really want to get into a C2 and make a lot more money.
Now I’m still waiting on the Corp to give me access to the Corp forums. The forum is whee they keep a lot of useful data for me including, the openings into the class 3 WH they have a POS in, which is where I really want to be. Why be there? Well it’s alot more money than a class 1! It’s far more likely to give me battleship blue stuff, more salvage, more of any type of blue stuff, and maybe some melted nanoribbons!
Well I think that’s all the stories for today!


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