No sites, but i’m wiser

Why am I wiser? Well for one I’ve learned that not all people are as they seem. Just the other day 3 members of  my corp started to attack other corpmates. The 3 bastards managed to kill a hulk and an orca during a high-sec mining operation, luckily they were the only things there. One of the characters then proceeded into the corps C3 with a cloaked mega. I’m not sure if anyone was hurt in that part  of the incident, but I do know that the mega came out for some reason and never came back. All members then went to join a corp we are now at war with.

In better news though, I now have access to the corps forums so I can read up on all the ops we’re doing and all the alliance news. regrettably though, the forums don’t seem to provide the password required for the ventrilo server so I can’t get in!

On the upside, as soon as I can get online I’ll see if i can join the WH gang and I’ll get into the real money! Once I’ve trained up this last skill i’m going to train for sentry drones as my current drones don’t do the same amount of damage, (even with the same skills I have, and the fact I only get 3 drones with a myrm), for less risk of cash because they can be retracted easily and have a larger hitpoint buffer. If i ever go to te domi, it lso has a large signature radius, 400m last time I checked,  so I could potentially RR them with a Domi

I think that’s all I got to say



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