Ugn!! Mental meltdown!

Eek! This is too much for me. We are now officially part of majesta empire, (well the info’s hardly sensitive as now you can look at the Corp details), and we’ve all been told to move north up to their space. This will be my first experience of 0.0 space,aside from WHs, ever so it’s a scary thought.
If I’m honest I thought I’d move to 0.0 in a few months when I have battleship 4 or something and even then it’d be providence just as a privateer taking advantage of the NRDS policy they have. Now I’m suddenly being thrown into null-sec PVP as we are currently only on trail. At the moment the Corp all need to move into ME space and begin to rack up kills on the killboard to make ourselves look good for the next month, the length of our trail period, so we will be accepted as full members and can plant our own I-Hub. I think bret was talking about getting the upgrades which give bonuses to ratting and stuff so we can make nice money there.
Like I say though, this is all very confusing. We suddenly have about 5 different intel channels to join, ME forums,ect ect. The Corp is supposed to be shifting stuff from high-sec to our base for us but I’m still waiting on where we’re supposed to this.
In the brightside though, I’ve finally got TS working without the strange echoing noise I always got in the past. The Corp vent channel still eludes me but it may become redundant with the TS servers used by ME, though we’re still waiting on getting an official channel for our Corp.
On the even more brightside. It’s only 2jumps through low-sec until u get to majesta space from high-sec. The bad part of that is that I had to travel 40 jumps from dodixie, (I’ve still got 35 to go!), in a battlecruiser while picking up and selling my old missioning crap from months ago in level 2s. I made about 10 mill through selling various melted down ships and T2 shield and armour modules I probably won’t use.
I’ve started training towards my sentry drones aswell so they will cone in handy later. Though if I’m honest they were for the WHs. But hey! It’s 0.0, here’s bound to be some WHs! If not, I’m only a couple of jumps from empire.


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