Mental cooldow.. Wait there it goes agajn!

The logistics of this move up to null-sec has become less of a brainache, but it’s still hard for me to comprehend basically, I need to send my ship up to osaa, for the carrier to pickup then I need to take myself through null-sec via shuttle or frigate, whatever, to TVN, the seeming homehub of our move. I think technically it’s actually ZaOL but I couldn’t get that to search on the ingame map, so I tried the next system on list. Then I install a JC at these stations and head down to jita to JC back up to get a clone there too. Then I head down a final time to bring someships to the carrier/jumpfreighter pickup point to get them to ME space. I send a request on the forums for some ships and modules and pay over the odds.
The reason I now know all these logistics is because a very good corpmate setup a very comprehensive guide on what’s happening. So thanks to Zaslow! (It was you who did it yeah?)
I’ve also now setup a plan on what to do when I get to 0.0. First off, rat in belts. Rat my fucking ass off until I’ve made a few quid. In the meantime I try and get on a few killmails by going on Corp PVP roaming ops and try to get the Corp looking good on the killboard so we get accepted to full membership. Until then we aren’t allowed to scan or do anything but belt rats and belt mining.
I’m bringing up the passive myrmidon to 0.0 so I can rat using its massive passive tank to take on all comers. Regretably in the process of bringing it up I came upon the idea of self destructing it to get the insurance then buying again in 0.0. Then it occurred to me; 1) stuff is more expensive in 0.0 & 2) the ship is rigged and it will just be pain jumping around 0.0 getting expensive items.
So I’d already sold the LSE IIs so, back diwn to jita! Get them back, while I’m here let’s buy some sentry drones and immorph psychology so I can actually JC when I get there!
The current stage i’m at is that I’m in the last highsec before I go in and my myrm is in the Corp hangar.
We also now have proper access to the ME forums. So if anyone wants some info on ME operations I’m the man to talk to. Anyone from ME, I’m joking. Really though, prices if information can be negotiated ingame.

I forgot to mention. A few days ago I was contacted zorro entertainment software. They wanted me to read through one of their guides. So far it looks good but I noticed a couple of tiny little errors in it I think. It talks about something I don’t specialise in but I think some of the figures are different to what know. I still need to finish reading it though.


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