Ah. Now to wait a momth for a skill to train. What?!

Well, we may have a problem. The main computer that I use, the only one that hasn’t had issues with eve, seems to have packed it in. When it turned on it put some random desktop shortcuts to innapropriate sites for some reason. And nearly every application has to be started manually instead of double clicking it. AVG seemed to have cleared up the website oroblems but there’s still the double click problem, along with most windows application not working at all.
In actual eve I’m not really doing much. Bret says he’s delivering the myrm and I’ve not had anything to do since empire’s offlimits. My one small vice has been gatecamping with 40 others in ****** and not being able to get a lock before the poor bastards been podded. I decided not to go on another suicidal ratting run in my vexor for obvious reasons and have been sorting out my skills. I’ve trained up some gunnery skills but now I’m ultimately going to train gallente cruiser v! the reason for the choice of a 4 week skill is simple. It could be several days before the computer is sorted out by the repairman, if not replaced, and my eve subscription is due to run out anyday now and it could take me another few days to get that sorted. The result of using a 4 week skill… I have all the time in the world to sort out all my problems.
Like I say with training up some gunnery skills, the only reason I have those is because a corpmate made a last minute run to get me the hybrid turret skillbooks before he came to 0.0. Once I have gallente cruiser v I’ll start training up for T2 hybrid guns as my next goal is to make a thorax setup to kick guristas ass in the belts, the thorax being faster, harder hitting and having a better tank than the vexor. A similar setup can ofcourse be used in PVP roaming gang very effectively.
Then I’d probably move to a deimos for ratting because of better resists, more damage, faster, looking cooler, more room to fit damage mods because I’ll us less resist mods because of natural badass resists to serpentis and guristas.
Then the Astarte because of all the above. Ect


4 Responses

  1. Wipe and re-install. Whatever put thoses links on your DT seems to have messed with all the other shortcuts.

    Remember and back everything up that you want backed up (scanning for nasties as you go) then format your C drive and reinstall windows.

    Its a case of nuking it from orbit I’m afraid, its the only way to be sure.

  2. Just so you are aware…your skills will only train for 2-3 days after your account goes inactive. So if your account subscription ends, it’s not going to train that whole skill

    • To mandrill: It’s already been sent to the computer shop to get the repairs, it should be home in a couple of days once they’ve run their kick-ass virus killer.
      to Cyberin: Oh sod! Does CCP send you an email a few days before the account expires to warn you of the impending account inactivity?

      • Don’t think they send an email, at least I didn’t get one last week.

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