And I’m back!

Ah yes after a brief absence due to technical difficulties, I have great, well ok, news and bad news. The good news is that I have a new myrmidon to go rat in after Sew lent me the money to get it. The bad part of that news is that someone, still hasn’t delivered my old myrmidon that  I had fitted out just how I like it. The ship is also 14 jumps from the main hub of operations, (though I think we may be moving base, I’m just not sure), and a battlecruiser is very slow to align, though I suppose their might be some inertia stabilisers in the station I’m currently at.

Another bit of bad news is that the wormhole operations led by the corp have completely shut down. Shame really as I wanted to join them once we were allowed abit more freedom in 0.0

Oh yay, another bit of bad news, the new EVEGATE website is a bit crap for me because it runs off singularity which means that I can’t check my mails on the browser unless I want to look at something from an old corp, old alliance, and people who are pretty damn carebear-ish, no offence.

Some more good news however is that a mutual agreement has led to a certain someone, (same one that got me the myrmidon, all those moths ago), giving me a rigged megathron! 3 CCC rigs, trouble is that I can’t use large hybrid guns for another week or so as I need to get gunnery V and hybrid turret III. Though I think I can actually fly the BS which is a nice thought.

Even more good news is that I now have 7 million skillpoints! Ah, so nice to think that I make 1 million of them every month. I’m also going to stop training gallente cruiser V once the skill Queue stretches out to a couple of days.

Shoutout goes to Cyberin, blogger from the Hands off, My Loots! blog. When I talked about my computer problems he gave me small tid bits of advice on how skill training works after the account expires. Also a small shoutout to mandrill, told me how to rid the computer of a virus after it was sent to the repairman.



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  1. Glad you got everything working again 😀

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