Show me the money! Again

Where to start. It feels like I have lots of news but I can’t remember it. I suppose the big news is that I’ve got a myrmidon. I think I explained how I was lent the money for but now I’ve started to make that money back. Shame it takes so fucking long. The big problem with a passively tanked myrmidon is that all your medium and low slots are taken up for the shield. So you can’t fit the drone speed or tracking mods, I’m not sure of the use though, and the CPU is mostly used up, making it harder to fit control units to increase the control range. And unless you don’t plan to loot and salvage, the drone DPS without T2 heavies is sod all. You can’t even fit the sentry rig. So it takes me over 10 minutes to kill a BS rat. I’ve timed it. But on the other hand, it’s the fastest money I’ve ever had. I’ve made some rough calculations at 8 million per hour. Not a lot for some but I’m ecstatic. Shame corp tax is at 15%. To counter this I’m going to dart using T2 drones. Hammerheads though, they aren’t quite the right type for guristas but I’d venture a guess they do better than 2 warden Is and 3 hornet Is. Like I say though I’m getting a megathron soon hopefully and then that’ll be my primary DPS, guristas-killing boat until I grab an Ishtar when I have the money and skills, in about 5 weeks if I train straight to it, but I’ve been adding in random skills here and there that are less than 24 hours, inbetween gallente cruiser V and now. So it will be more like 10 weeks before I’ll be flying it with any proficiency. And that’s if I have the money for it.
The Ishtar I’m planning will also be setup in a passive shield tank. The shields have huge kinetic damage resistance which makes the ship near perfect for guristas ratting. It may even be able to take one of the combat sites here in 0.0. I was in my myrm in my favourite ratting system, and I decided to try guristas paradise. It spawned aroud 10 BSs and gods own army of support cruisers I just about managed to warp out before they hit my armour. I think that was the first time that tank had ever failed me. Anyway. No matter how you cut it. An Ishtar will kill alot faster than this myrm with it’s mere 75Mb/s bandwidth.
I suppose another bit of news is that I’m a mere week from flying new mega just how I want it. Fairly fast, kindof powerful, and alot more intimidating and gatecampable, than my myrmidon.
In other news, I’m also up to my neck in Yorkshire(wo)men. The CEO is from Yorkshire, several corpmates, are from Yorkshire, and the CEO’s brother, is probably also from yorkshire. And I quote again from a classmate of mine after we created a foul stench in chemistry class, ‘smells like Yorkshire!’
Not that I have anything against the snivelling, dog-race-watching, I-live-on-a-country-estate,th-White-rose-smells-nicer-than-the-red-rose, types who deliver my ships in perfect working order. Which they will,(imagine a an outrageous Lancashire bloke beating your head in should anything otherwise happen). If you happen to not be in Locusts., please do not take offence at the previous paragraph as they do not represent the authers true view of yorkshire(wo)men. If you are from Yorkshire and are in Locusts., the image of an outrageous Lancashire bloke beating your head can become a harsh reality.
Fly safe, with my cargo.


2 Responses

  1. I got an ishtar recently and it can tank pretty well anything guristas can throw at it — ten battleships is nothing, just keep velocity up and be careful of neuts. — shameless advertising and relevant AT THE SAME TIME! \o/

  2. Noticed that you are planning to go for a ratting Ishtar, check out this post:

    It contains some good fits, also for your next post are you able to add some spaces between the paragraphs? Turns it into a legible block of text rather than a ‘wall-o-text’.

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