Wallet surge!!! Where is moderation now?

I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was ratting today and I ran the cursor over the wallet to see if any ratting money had come in. Holy shit. I was expecting a modest 25 million to be there, no I have to look several times, Check the the wallet history. It jumped up 85,000,000 ISK!! Apperently someone called ispie jeydreth, or something weird like that, I’m sure I got the last name right, sent me 85 mill straight up. Can someone tell me if you can read the reasons people give for sending money because I don’t know if you can. My first thoughts are that it’s someone who’s read the blog and then read the beg section, which I highly recommend to you, and sent me the money. But now I suspect it’s from the guy who said he’d give me a rigged megathron but decided he can’t be bothered and just gave me the money to buy one without the rigs.

With this newfound wealth I intend to continue my training to get an Ishtar and rat in guristas complexes. My faith in the tank of the ship has been restored after I read this blog, http://eve-fail.blogspot.com/2010/03/ishtar-vs-guristas-hilariously.html, it details in an Ishtar with an armour tank doing deapspace complexes with ease. While I found this a real eye opener, I did recognise a major flaw. The setup had no room for being neuter in a plex or else the cap would die in moments. The fit I would have would be a passive shield tank that, at a good guess, would tank another 200, 300, maybe even 400 more DPS than the armour one while not compromising on DPS.

This probably means yet another setback for my plans for a battleship and takes me ever closer to my command ship dream. First the Astarte, then the sleinir, then the nighthawk then maybe going onto a damnation if the need arises, but in the middle of all that I’d probably train up for logistics and the Lachesis if the gallente ever get their much needed boost to EWAR.

Also i’ve just remembered. I suppose this can’t really be sensitive data as it’s basically involving 2 of the largest powerblocs in eve. Majesta is declaring war on IT, and ATLAS. I’m sorry SirMolle but that’s just the way it has to be. I won’t give information on why we’re doing it now as I fear that could be a bit sensitive but know this. This is what some people here are claiming could be the next great war. Providence may be burning but that’s a mere life cycle. CVA will take over I reckon in the next year and it will be back to business for them again. This could be the war to cause NC to crumble, or IT to welp.

I think that’s all folks.


2 Responses

  1. Shield ishtar is actually an interesting idea; I would certainly be interested in finding a fit not vulnerable for neuts. Trying to work something out in EFT (http://apex.homelinux.net/shield-ishtar.png) I can reach 853 cap stable kin/therm DPS (cap stable is important; afterburner has to be running for speed tank or incoming damage increases a lot. This is a pretty respectable number, but the problem I’m running into is that shield mods and rigs increase signature radius, meaning you’ll take more damage from missiles. Not sure if it would still tank the hardest solo plexes or not, but I’d sure like to test it.

    I’ve never actually used a passive shield tank so I’m not exactly an expert at fitting them. Let me know if you find something awesome.

    • well i know it may not be s hard as the hardest plexes, but the Ishtar has been used solo in a level 5 mission without any support because of the complete cap independence.

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